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Remote Learning Policy


This policy is to ensure the ongoing education of pupils at Thomas Jolyffe Primary under any set of  circumstances that leads to full or partial school closure. This will provide information about possible school closures that could happen at any time: due to school closure from illness, epidemic, extreme weather, power-loss, etc. It also covers the ongoing education of pupils who cannot be in school due to COVID19 enforced isolation, but are able to continue with their education when the school remains fully open. This policy does not relate to individual pupils who are unable to attend school due to other illnesses.


Remote Learning Lead:

The Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher are responsible for formulating and overseeing the school’s Remote Teaching and Learning Policy.


Related Documents:

  • Safeguarding Policy
  • Staff Code of Conduct
  • Behaviour Policy
  • Data Protection Policy, and Data Protection Notices
  • Acceptable Use Policy


The purposes of this policy are threefold:

  • To outline procedures and practice for pupils in a COVID19 instructed self-isolation, who are otherwise fit and healthy enough to continue with their academic learning.
  • To outline procedures and practice for staff in self-isolation, who are otherwise fit and healthy enough, to continue with teaching, setting, marking and feeding back on pupil work as part of a normal academic process.
  • To outline procedures and practice for staff, pupils and their parents to continue with the academic program if the whole School or an individual ‘bubble’ has to close due to advice from the Government and/or Public Health England or similar.


If we are in lockdown and school is closed, or a class or group of children are required to isolate at home, or if you are awaiting test results, self-isolating or quarantining, you can access online learning throughout the period as long as children are well enough to complete it.


Supported by the government, Oak National Academy has created a very easy-to-use resource, allowing parents and children access to a broad and balanced curriculum on any device, tailored to their year group across a variety of subjects.


Should your class have to isolate, class teachers will direct you to lessons each day via Microsoft Teams. These meetings will usually take place from 9.30am and 3.00pm each day unless your class teacher has notified you otherwise. The meetings will be recorded and therefore available via the Teams 'Activity' link at any time should you not be able to make it according to the set schedule. Details of work to be completed will also be available on class pages. This will ensure that children's learning is as close as possible to what it would have been in school. However, given the vastly different circumstances faced by each family we recognise the need for flexibility. If you find it difficult to access daily contact with your class, using Oak Academy's own schedule is a solid broad curriculum for children from Reception through to Year 6 and beyond.


There is no login required but we recommend emailing your class teacher to ask any questions and to receive feedback. As there is no login required you may choose to include photographs, screenshots or simply writing about the work you have been doing as teachers will need this to give accurate feedback.


Children spend roughly half of each lesson in school working independently so we strongly encourage parents to support children similarly and work with them to develop their understanding wherever practically possible. Helping them understand the videos, reading the questions and checking if there are any misconceptions should allow for some independent time. We are acutely aware of the pressures on individual families and understand certain circumstances may not allow for this all of the time. 


The content of Oak National Academy is a strong and instant tool to support children learning at home as long as it is accompanied by regular contact and feedback from teachers, supported by parents.


Please contact your child’s class teacher if you have any questions during the period of home-learning. Contact details are available on our Class Pages in the PARENTS menu.

Pupil Use of Microsoft Teams - Expectations:

  • Pupils benefit from regular contact with each other and are expected to attend all meetings unless prior arrangements have been made. Personal, social and emotional care remains the school's first priority.
  • The class teacher or parallel class teacher will lead lessons.
  • Pupils should complete all set work and regularly communicate with their teacher to obtain feedback.
  • Pupils, supported by parents dependent on age, should use their Class Page to access assignments and instructions.
  • Use the designated Microsoft Teams chat channel to communicate with their teachers and ask questions if they do not understand/require help. Reasonable restrictions to Teams Chat should be in line with pupils' dialogue during in-school teaching. 
  • Pupils should not record any online lesson content. Any pupil found to be capturing personal information in this way will be sanctioned according to the school behaviour policy.
  • Pupils should comply with the school IT Acceptable Use Policy.


Expectations of teaching staff:

  • When providing remote learning, teachers must be available during normal working hours taking into account the reasonable expectations for care of dependents, breaks and lunch. Wherever possible teachers will use their best endeavours to ensure parents and children’s questions and concerns are managed as they would be in school.
  • Any electronic resources used in the lesson, including work sheets, links to websites and video clips or PowerPoints used, should be linked via Class Pages.
  • Teachers will endeavour to set work according to government guidance dependent on their age group and be available throughout the day to answer any questions pupils may have via email or Teams Chat.
  • Teachers will mark and feedback to pupils the same day wherever possible. 
  • Teachers should set a clear behaviour expectation . A ‘classroom standard’ of behaviour is expected from all, bearing in mind there are often unexpected domestic distractions. Teachers should use their judgement dependent on individual situations.
  • As much as possible, staff will follow the school’s usual rewards and sanctions guidelines as in school. Parents will be contacted by email or phone if there are ongoing concerns.
  • Teaching staff should comply with the school IT Acceptable Use Policy.


Parents expectations:

  • Encourage and support children’s work as much as possible. We understand this can be very difficult when whole families are working from home. Check that set work is completed and ensure there is as much structure to the working day as possible given your individual circumstances.
  • Provide an appropriate place for children to work – ideally not a bedroom – making sure that an adult is available nearby to monitor online access.
  • Parents are reminded that pupils should not record any online lesson content unless requested to do so by a teacher. They should remind pupils of this. Teams meetings are recorded by the class teacher and these are available on your class team page immediately after each meeting.
  • We are mindful that due to national restrictions there will be many unforeseen circumstances that affect participation in live lessons and the timing of assignment submissions.
  • Where pupils or family members are ill, parents should inform the class teacher.
  • If there are any concerns, in the first instance parents should make contact with class teachers using the details available on class pages.


 Live online teaching sessions

Teachers will deliver some content live.

Microsoft Teams allows for resources to be shared, and pupils to ask questions in ‘real-time’. Pupils will sometimes also be provided with details of sessions, and will be expected to participate in them if they are asked and able to.


Live sessions can be particularly helpful as they can facilitate communication, with pupils able to respond to teachers’ questions (and ask them) via the conversation functionality in teams.

Parental involvement during sessions: Should a parent wish to speak to a member of staff they should make the request by email or via the Teams platform, rather than during a class lesson.



The  primary  purpose  of  this  policy  is  the  continuity  of  education  for Pupils at Thomas Jolyffe Primary. By using existing secure school systems (WeLearn365 and, specifically, Microsoft Teams), this provision can be put into place quickly and pupils only need their existing login details of school email and password.


If there are any concerns regarding the learning content being distributed, in the first instance parents should contact the pupil’s teacher in the first instance.


Thank you to all children, parents and staff for your cooperation, support and understanding throughout your remote learning experiences. We understand how difficult this can be for parents and remain here to help for any queries you may have. If you have further questions about remote learning that are not answered in this policy, please email 




‘Children are captivated by their learning’, ‘The well-being of pupils is at the heart of the school’, ‘School is a calm place - pupils are polite, courteous and well-mannered’