Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Remote Learning

Remote Learning Policy


This policy is to ensure the ongoing education of pupils at Thomas Jolyffe Primary under any set of  circumstances that leads to full or partial school closure. This will provide information about possible school closures that could happen at any time: due to school closure from illness, epidemic, extreme weather, power-loss, etc. It also covers the ongoing education of pupils who cannot be in school due to pandemic-enforced isolation, but are able to continue with their education when the school remains fully open. This policy does not relate to individual pupils who are unable to attend school due to other illnesses.


Remote Learning Lead:

The Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher are responsible for formulating and overseeing the school’s Remote Teaching and Learning Policy.


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  • Data Protection Policy, and Data Protection Notices
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The purposes of this policy are threefold:

  • To outline procedures and practice for pupils who are not able to be in school due to circumstances out of their for any reason, who are otherwise fit and healthy enough to continue with their academic learning.
  • To outline procedures and practice for staff in self-isolation, who are otherwise fit and healthy enough, to continue with teaching, setting, marking and feeding back on pupil work as part of a normal academic process.
  • To outline procedures and practice for staff, pupils and their parents to continue with the academic program if the whole School or an individual ‘bubble’ has to close due to advice from the Government and/or Public Health England or similar.


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