Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Malleable Activities

Rolling rolling rolling! From the earliest days of infancy, children need experiences of different types of materials. Malleable materials can be transformed into different shapes and sizes, and their properties can be changed (e.g. by adding water).
Playing with malleable materials provides for thinking about shape, space and area – and the foundations of chemistry! Malleable materials encourage children to use each of the five senses.

Malleable play refers to a provision which helps children to develop their fine motor skills. It uses malleable materials which children can manipulate using small movements e.g playdough. 

Why don't you have fun making your own dough?

In school we like using this recipe, but there are many different recipes to choose from. 

We enjoy going to the Dough Disco where we have lots of fun and our fingers work hard!

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