Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Who's Who



Teaching Staff from September 2018:


Mrs H Dunnico* (Head teacher, DSL), Mr M Penn* (Deputy Head teacher, DSL)


Mrs A Smith (Foundation Stage Leader) and Miss I Kashani (Reception)

Mrs A Blatchly (KS1 Leader, DSL) and Mrs L Winder (Year 1)

Mrs R Evans / Mrs H O’Sullivan and Mrs E Derbyshire (Year 2)

Miss E Holmes and Miss C Thomas (Year 3)

Mrs R Preedy* (KS2 Leader, DSL) / Mrs V Woodhead and Mr D Crocker (Year 4)

Mrs H Mertens and Miss R Jackson (Year 5)

Mrs L Karban and Mr M Drummond (Year 6)


Other teaching staff: Mrs V Lally and Mrs A Wright* (SENCo, DSL) 

* Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

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Non-teaching staff:



School Business Manager - Mrs A Thomas

Secretary - Mrs S Arthur


Learning Assistants - Mrs T Ward, Mrs L Bridges, Mrs L Hipkin, Mrs S Allen, Mrs J Beadon, Mrs J Collett, Mrs J Beard, Mrs S Russell, Mrs H Evans, Mrs J Mudie, Mrs J Richards, Mrs C Weston, Mrs S Reid, Mrs T Barnes, Mrs A Mann, Mrs N South, Miss K Green, 


Lunchtime Supervisors - Mrs K Wilkins, Mrs G Perkins, Mrs J Powell, Mrs A Richards, Mrs T Ward, Mrs L Bridges, Mrs S Quiney, Mrs A Johnson, Mrs J Richards, Mrs G Grant, Mrs A Doggett, Mrs P Fry, Mrs S Hodgson, Miss N Gibbons, Miss J Errington

Caretaker - Position vacant

... Please can we remind you again to NOT send in any nuts or nut products (this includes Nutella) in your child's packed lunches. We have children in our school with very severe allergies. Thank you ... Thomas Jolyffe Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff, volunteers and parents to share this commitment ... Please help FTJ raise money by shopping and booking holidays online through ... Please check your ParentPay account regularly and ensure that sufficient funds are always available - this will ensure that the office do not have to call you during the day to chase payments ... Please remember that only disabled badge holders and those with school parking permits are allowed to park in the school car park ...