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Young Enterprise Project

Young Enterprise

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As the video above explains, this is a project we usually do in school and will continue in school once we return. Your task is to essentially come up with a ‘business plan’. You must come up with a product or service which we will eventually be able to offer in school to raise money. You must also decide how this money is going to be spent. The aim is to spend the money on something that will benefit the children of Thomas Jolyffe for years to come; leaving a ‘legacy’ for our current Year 6 children. You can take inspiration from last year’s children who raised money from selling products such as keyrings (that they produced themselves) to pay for our Buddy Benches which you may have seen on our playgrounds.

As part of this project you will need to come up with the following:

  • Business name
  • Business Logo
  • Products to sell/Service to provide- you will need to think about specific details. Eg: materials used- how will we make them?
  • Could you make a prototype of what you wish to sell?
  • Price to customers
  • Who are the customers? Public or students?
  • How will you sell them?
  • Advertisements- posters/videos/twitter
  • What is your aim? What do you want to buy with the money?
  • Once we are back in school we will work more on these and eventually have a vote. The winning entry will be the focus of the whole of Year 6, who will then work collectively to achieve this common goal. You will be able to pitch some of your ideas via our Teams meetings, although no decision or voting will take place until we return to school.


    Good luck and remember to keep us updated with your progress.

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