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Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Year 6 - Mr Drummond and Miss Holmes

The Year 6 Virtual Talent Show 2020 Winner is...

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The Winning Entry- by Aikas

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Thank you to those that have already cast their vote for this year's award. If you haven't done this yet, click the trophy to vote!

Champions for Change 


Back in February you were all members of a 'political' party. After weeks of hard fought campaigning and emotive speeches, election day arrived. After counting up the votes from the whole school,'Tango Tigers' were victorious!


Their campaign focused around raising money to buy benches for the school playground. With the help of their coalition party 'The Bears' and with everyone else in year 6 coming together to join one party, they  planned to do this by selling healthy snacks during break time. 


The plans to put all this in action would have been taking place during the summer term this year, as well all know, that didn't happen! However...


We still want you to be able to deliver on your promise to the school! 


In two weeks time, we will be selling items that you have made in order to raise money for the benches. The children who have been in school began this last week and as a group decided to make and sell the following items: 

  • Friendship bracelets
  • Pom poms
  • Decorated and potted sunflower seeds
  • Key rings
  • Bookmarks


We would like you to help with the fundraising effort and make one (or more than one!) of the items above to contribute to the selling effort. The pictures below show you an idea of what we have made in school so far. 


Please leave your items in the box situated in the outdoor classroom in Corrine's Meadow and let Miss Holmes or Mr Drummond know, so that they can collect the items and store them safely in school. 


The deadline for items to be handed in is Monday 6th July


Sneak peak...

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PGL@Home Challenges

Clopton Orienteering Course


How quickly can you complete this TJ Orienteering course around the Clopton area?  A paper version of the map and instructions can be collected from the outdoor classroom in Corinne's Meadow.  The course will be available all week.  If you become aware of a missing station, please comment in the box below.


Don't forget to send in your photos or videos to Miss Holmes and Mr Drummond. 

Clopton Orienteering Course

Clopton Orienteering Course

Have you spotted a missing sign? Let us know, and we will replace it as quickly as we can.


Thank you to everyone who has managed to send us your TJPGL@Home challenges. We have loved seeing them and they have really made us laugh! Who knew the 'bucket of water on the head' challenge would have been the most popular?!


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Welcome to Year 6!

Year 6 Daily Activities

We hope your child has received their copy of a CGP question booklet. We have tried to tailor the books to the needs of individual pupils, so children may  have different books to each other. These are to be used over the coming weeks and we do not expect them to be returned to school; they are the property of the children. However, children are welcome to bring them into school for us to assess. We hope this will provide the children with regular work and it is up to them how much they complete at home each day. 


We will also be setting an English and Maths task, in the event of your child's booklet not covering that specific subject area. If your child is completing a task in their CGP book for a particular subject (Eg. English) then they may wish to not complete the work set on the website. You can expect these tasks to be posted daily, at around 9am.


We would love to see anything the children are up to – drawings, writing, maths, art work – please take a photo and email us, or even tweet us and include  #TJ #6H #6D  - that way all of their friends can also see what they’ve been up to, and even comment!

Please feel free to email us any questions you may have about the activities we post on here. We’ll endeavour to reply to you as soon as we can. 


Many thanks,


Mr Drummond & Miss Holmes



It's still really important for you to be reading at home. Use this link to quiz your books at home!


As some of our year 6 children return to school this week, we are beginning to think about the memories we have made over the years at Thomas Jolyffe. It is a tradition at the school to share these memories in the Leaving Assembly at the end of year. Due to current circumstances, we are unsure when this assembly can take place. 

To make sure we can still share our special memories, we will be writing some in school and recording them on to videos. 

If you are not coming to school this week, please could you write a memory of your time at TJ. It would be brilliant if you could film yourself saying this and send it into to us via email. If you have any questions please get in touch.

Year 6 Virtual Talent Show 2020

We will be holding our very first virtual talent show for our Year 6 children! If you have a talent that you would like to share, all you need to do is video yourself doing this and email your entries in to us by Friday 19th June.  This does not mean you have to be in front of the camera; you could do an animation or a piece of art. Use your imagination to be creative with your entries. It's an opportunity to do something a little different. 

Please make sure your entry is suitable for children of all ages because all of the entries will be compiled together in a long video and placed on Youtube for everyone to watch. Following this, people will be able to send in their votes. Once these have been counted, we can announce the winner! 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Further announcements will be made once the closing deadline has passed! 

Good luck!


Mr Drummond & Miss Holmes



We have extended the deadline to Friday 26th June to allow some children to film whilst in school this week.

Welcome Back to Thomas Jolyffe - Year 6

Watch this video if you are returning to school in Year 6.

Friday 3rd April

English task 

Write a  diary entry for what you have done this week – remember to include your thoughts and feelings after two weeks of being at home. Try to use lots of detail – remember personal accounts of events are how historians learn all about the past – one day someone might be reading your diary!

Maths task


Thursday 2nd April


English task


Thank you for sharing all of your fantastic poems with us, we really enjoyed reading them.

Today you can are going to perform your poem. 

Think about the following things whilst doing this: 

  • Use a clear voice and speak confidently 
  • Use movement or gesture to make the meaning clear
  • Consider the speed of your delivery. Is a rhythm needed?
  • Consider the use of background music or sounds if needed
  • Suit the tone and volume of your voice to the meaning of the words
  • Try to learn the words by heart
  • Interact with your audience



Can you create a setting, artwork or props to go with your poem. Imagine you are performing on a stage in a real theatre, to a real audience!


We would love to see whether we have any aspiring actors or actress's in year 6 - share your performances with us via email!

Maths task 



Wednesday 1st April

English activity

Today you are going to create your own poem based on the Jabberwocky. You can change the setting and create your own monster but try to imitate the original poem's structure.


Use the PowerPoint and activity sheets for ideas. Here are some top tips: 

Do follow the poem closely. Follow the formal features of the poem: word placement on the page, shape, syllables, narrative structure and punctuation.
Don’t follow the original poem’s subject matter – the subject matter should be far away from the original poem’s so that your poem doesn’t sound just like the original



We can't wait to hear what you create!





‘Twas bleakly, and the frighthy ghousts

Did gaunt and himble in the hoube;

All spoofsy were the chilogans,

And the visc vamps roamabe.

Maths activity

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne

Usually during this term, we would have been reading this book with the children. We have already started this and judging by how much they enjoyed it, we are sure many would want to continue with the story. We would like to encourage the children to continue to read the story if they can access a book, but if that is not possible- here is a link to an audiobook version on youtube.
Children- please let us know any feedback you have on the story if you manage to read or listen.

Tuesday 31st March

English task


Listen to and read the poem below.


The Jabberwocky is a fictional ferocious monster described in the nonsense poem "Jabberwocky" in the novel "Through the Looking Glass" by Lewis Carroll. It is often depicted as a creature with characteristics similar to a dragon.


Throughout the Jabberwocky there are many nonsense words. Some of these nonsense words use portmanteau (a word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two others, for example brunch). 


Use the 'looking at language sheet' to identify nonsense words and record what you think they mean. Then decide on a real word which could have been used instead. 



Can you create your own portmanteau word? 

Email your words to Miss Holmes (  and we will see if we can guess what they mean!



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Maths task

P.S. Don't forget to check the PE page for activities and games to keep you moving!

Monday 30th March

English activity

There are three differentiated reading activities below. Choose the one you think is most appropriate to you. Don't forget to mark your work when you have finished!

Friday 27th March

We hope you have all had a great first week and managed to enjoy some of the sunshine. Thank you to everyone who has been in touch and sharing what you have been doing. We have loved seeing all the wonderful things you have been doing and the variety of learning. Please feel free to keep us posted via email of how you have been getting on. Below, are some activity ideas some of you may want to try if you get a chance. Have fun! 


Mr Drummond & Miss Holmes

Thursday 26th March

Wednesday 25th March

Tuesday 24th March

​​​​​Monday 23rd March

Extra resources






Welcome to year 6!


The Year 6 team include:

6H: Miss Holmes

6D: Mr Drummond

Learning Assistants: Miss Green


Email Communication Statement

As a school we recognise the value of providing email addresses for parents to communicate non-urgent issues with members of staff. At Thomas Jolyffe teachers are free to check their emails as they wish in order to fit to their own preferred work pattern but are not expected to check while they are teaching, while they are at home, or at weekends - so response times may vary. We believe that 48 working hours is a reasonable length of time to receive a considered reply. Urgent matters are best discussed face to face or via the school office, who will ensure the message is delivered as quickly as possible. As with all messages, the meaning and tone may vary depending on who is reading it. Please consider this before choosing to email any member of staff. We would also encourage all parents to consider information sent to teachers regarding other children very carefully as this can be requested by other parents under the rules governing GDPR.


If you need to contact your child's class teacher:


Home learning


  • A minimum of 25 minutes of accelerated reading should take place every day.
  • Weekly maths home learning needs to be completed and handed in every Thursday so that the children can mark their work with their teacher.
  • Spellings will be set on Friday to be tested for the following Friday.
  • Theme home learning will be set once every half term, although not necessarily at the beginning of the term.



Please help to ensure that your child has the correct kit in school every day:

  • Outdoor sport: white t-shirt, black jogging bottoms, red or black jumper, a pair of socks, and trainers.
  • Indoor sport: white t-shirt, red shorts, a pair of socks, and black pumps.
  • Swimming: towel, a pair of goggles, one-piece swim suit (girls), fitted swim trunks (boys).


For the autumn term, Year 6 will have PE on a Monday and Swimming on a Tuesday.


‘Children are captivated by their learning’, ‘The well-being of pupils is at the heart of the school’, ‘School is a calm place - pupils are polite, courteous and well-mannered’