Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

See what your friends have been up to!

This week, Isaac (5 EW) has enjoyed researching VE Day. He has written about Colonel Tom Moore, designed an invitation for his street celebrations on Friday, created bunting to decorate his home and made a spitfire!

Well done Isaac, you have been very busy.


Another VE Day poster for Mr Penn’s competition! This one is by Luke in 5EW:
Eesha got the idea from Mr Penn’s class pages - to design a VE day poster:
Becky made a giant rainbow to say thank you Keyworkers! Stay safe everybody!
Becky and her siblings made a giant solar system!

For his English work, Aran (5EW) made a Wartime Bread and Butter Pudding at home. Here are the pictures: one of the three bread slices soaking in water, another of all of the ingredients (bread, butter, sugar, egg, milk, cinnamon and raisins) mixed in a bowl, the next one is the pudding ready to go in the oven and the final picture is of the pudding ready to eat! Well done Aran! 

Luke in 5EW said, "I really enjoyed my English and have chosen to write/ draw/ and make a spitfire for VE Day. I have also completed my maths"
Nicol in 5A has been busy making bunting for VE day and has made a spitfire.
Jessica, in 5A, has become very friendly with a horse and has been taking care of it most days with the owner. She's also been riding him, he's an ex race horse so she's very brave to ride him. His name is Player. He's huge!
David really misses all of us at TJ, but he's been getting on with his home-learning!  
Ollie and his little brother have been making bunting for VE day!
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