Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Year 2 - Mrs Derbyshire, Mrs Evans and Mrs O'Sullivan

Welcome to Year 2!


Dear Year 2 parents and carers,

We are so sad not to be teaching your children over the coming weeks, but we are going to do everything we can to make this strange time easier for you and your children. Our intention is to put up at least one English and Maths activity every day on here. Mr Penn’s page will also have ideas and links to other cross-curricular activities. We’re hoping this can give you a variety of things to do together.  Please don’t think we’re expecting you to do everything! We appreciate not everything will suit everyone, and we’re really not expecting children to be working solidly for hours every day during this difficult time. Our hope is to provide things through which children can learn, and also find fun, and a bit of a challenge! 

If you are struggling to access any of the links on your phone, please let us know as we’ll do our best to put them into a better format.

Any brilliant and suitable ideas we come across through fellow teachers, friends and online communities we will try and share with you via Twitter.

We would love to see anything the children are up to – drawings, writing, maths, art work – please take a photo and email us, or even tweet us and include  #TJ #2D #2ES  - that way all of their friends can also see what they’ve been up to, and even comment!

Our email addresses are below. Please feel free to email us any questions you may have about the activities we post on here. We’ll endeavour to reply to you as soon as we can. We can’t wait to see your photos!

Happy learning, and we are thinking of you all,

Mrs Derbyshire, Mrs Evans and Mrs O’Sullivan






Well Year 2...we have survived our first 2 weeks of 'Home Schooling'!


It has been an unusual experience for us all, but we hope that you have found the daily tasks accessible and enjoyable.  Thank you so much for sharing your amazing work with us.  We love seeing everything that you are up to and it's wonderful to see that you are still working so hard.


We have no doubt that you (and your parents!) are looking forward  to this Easter break.  


Enjoy, have fun, stay safe and we will see you all back here in a couple of weeks!


Thursday 2nd April - Reading, Writing and Maths tasks

Wednesday 1st April - Reading, Writing and Maths tasks

Tuesday 31st March - Reading, Writing and Maths tasks

Monday 30th March - Reading, Writing and Maths tasks

Week 2

Friday 27th March - Reading, Writing and Maths tasks

Thursday 26th March - Reading, Writing and Maths tasks

Wednesday 25th March - Reading, Writing and Maths

Tuesday 24th March - Reading, Writing and Maths tasks

Week 1

Contact details: 

2ES: Mrs O'Sullivan/ Mrs Evans  /

2D: Mrs Derbyshire


Email Communication Statement

As a school we recognise the value of providing email addresses for parents to communicate non-urgent issues with members of staff. At Thomas Jolyffe teachers are free to check their emails as they wish in order to fit to their own preferred work pattern but are not expected to check while they are teaching, while they are at home, or at weekends - so response times may vary. We believe that 48 working hours is a reasonable length of time to receive a considered reply. Urgent matters are best discussed face to face or via the school office, who will ensure the message is delivered as quickly as possible. As with all messages, the meaning and tone may vary depending on who is reading it. Please consider this before choosing to email any member of staff. We would also encourage all parents to consider information sent to teachers regarding other children very carefully as this can be requested by other parents under the rules governing GDPR.

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