Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Week 7

English – Friday 22nd May 2020

Well done for making it to Friday!

First of all, spelling test time. Take your time to have a practice (like we would at school) and then ask a parent or guardian to test you. You could then work together to check through them. 

Your task for today is to finish the story of Fantastic Mr Fox, you can do this by watching the rest of the audiobook that we’ve been using over the last 2 weeks or if you have the book at home you could read the last few chapters. Let us know what you thought of the story? Is it similar to any other books that you have read?


Roald Dahl | Fantastic Mr Fox - Full audiobook with text (AudioEbook)

Roald Dahl Collection Playlist: Boggis, Bunce and Bean are just about the nastiest a...

Maths - Friday 21st May 2020

It's cooking today where you can use your new understanding of weighing to create a dish, maybe to eat at lunchtime or this evening.

There is a video that shows you what to do and, of course, there is the recipe for you to follow . The recipes are the same ones that I put on the website on Monday. You don't have to do this recipe if you have another one you want to do at home. 

Remember, Miss Thomas and Mrs Karban would love to see your fantastic dishes (or the not so fantastic ones if you have a cooking disaster!). Have fun.

Please note: if you need help finding the video please email Mrs Karban today. 

Today's Puzzle. What do you see? What do you notice? What is the same about each one? Can you see any differences?

English – Thursday 21st May 2020

Today we are going to continue reading chapter 11 and 12. Start the video at 29 minutes and 38 seconds, and finish it just before chapter 11 at 35 minutes 17 seconds. Imagine you are now Small Badger going off to tell all the other animals in the hill about Mr Fox’s plan and the great feast he is preparing. You will be writing sentences as Small Badger and the other animals using direct speech and inverted commas (‘’). I have attached a worksheet below that you could use to help generate ideas of who Small Badger will be talking to and have provided an example. Also, use the link below to recap inverted commas, let’s see if you can remember the actions to the song!

Video Link - 

Maths - Thursday 21st May 2020


Starter - Practise the multiplication and division facts for the 5 x table


Main To add amounts to 1kg or 1000g

 Fact that you need to know: 1000g = 1kg

For this lesson you  will be adding amounts up to 1000g or 1kg

First of all watch the video.


You could then do the worksheet if you wanted or you could work practically.

Practical Task

Find things in the kitchen again that are weighed in grams. Can you add up the weights of 2 items to find what they would weigh in total. Record in your book. 

Can you could then find a range of different things that would add up to 1000g (1kg ) or near to 1kg.

How close can you get?

See my example in the picture

Here I found:

Rice                 500g

Hot Choc         350g

Oxo cubes         71g

I added these up - you could use a mental method or a written calculation - they added to 921g. I then subtracted 921g from 1000g (1000 - 921) to find I was 79g off my target.

Today's Puzzle - Which one doesn't belong and why?

English – Wednesday 20th May 2020

Well done for making it half way through the week! Today we will be reading some more of the story Fantastic Mr Fox. To start with, I would like you to read or watch chapters 7 to 10 of the story, start the video at 17 minutes and 57 seconds, and finish it just before chapter 11 at 29 minutes 37 seconds. Then, I would like you to make some predictions of what could happen next. In particular, think about how it would affect each character. For example, would the next chapter that you have predicted result in the farmers getting Mr Fox and winning the battle? Or would it benefit the Fox family instead of the farmers? Let us know what you think might happen next.

Parents, please find the YouTube audiobook  below, please note that it may include adverts. 

Maths - Wednesday 20th May 2020


Practise the 4 x table on 'Hit the Button'. Remember to try to do the multiplication and division facts.


Main To read scales

Today you will learn to read weighing scales that have a dial on them. A dial is really a number line that on weighing scales is usually written around a circle.

Watch the 3 videos in the order they are on the website as they start at the easiest. After you have watched them have a go at the worksheet.


Note to Parents. The videos are on You Tube but are meant for children. I would advise that you watch them first to check any inappropriate adverts etc.

Worksheet - answers

Today's Puzzle. How Many?

English – Tuesday 19th May 2020

Today I would like you to read or watch chapters 5 and 6 of the story, start the video at 12 minutes and 9 seconds, unless you want to hear it from the beginning and finish it just before chapter 7 at 17 minutes 56 seconds. It has become clear in the story that the farmers are not going to stop until they get Mr Fox, so today we are going to help them by creating a wanted poster for Mr Fox, which can be put up around their local village. We need to make sure our posters include a picture of Mr Fox and a clear description of what he looks like (remember he has lost his tail). I have attached a blank example of a wanted poster to give you some inspiration.

Parents, please find the YouTube audiobook  below, please note that it may include adverts. 

Maths - Tuesday 19th May 2020


Practise the 3 x table today, both the multiplication and division facts.


Main Lesson To compare weights

Take 2 items from the kitchen and hold one in each hand. Decide which is heavier and which is lighter.

Record what you find in your book, as in the picture (you do not need to use balance scales).

If you have any digital scales you could weigh the items and find out what the items weigh  Compare the weights and include that information in your sentence.

If you have scales with a dial we will be moving on to lesson where you learn to read those, so you do not have to use them today, unless you know how to.


Complete the sentence then write some of your own from your investigation.

Today's Puzzle. What do you think? What do you notice? What do you wonder?

English – Monday 18th May 2020

Welcome to another week, we are carrying on with the book ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ this week and hopefully we will find out if Boggis, Bunce and Bean get their own way with Mr Fox. To start with, I would like you to recap some of the chapters read so far and answer the comprehension questions attached. You will know many of the answers from the work we completed last week, but you might need to find a few answers in the text.

Parents, I have attached the answers to the questions as a separate document. I have also added the YouTube audiobook below, please note that it may include adverts. 

Maths - Monday 18th May 2020

This week's maths lessons are all on weight, or mass, to use the correct mathematical word. There are quite a few practical activities this week but before you do them make sure you tell the adult, who is caring for you, what you are doing.

A note for parents: On Friday, there will be an opportunity for the children to follow some recipes and do some cooking. There is a step-by-step video to support this activity. If you want to do this click on the link below so that you know what ingredients you will need to get before Friday. Hopefully, they are things that you may already have in the cupboard, or will be easy for you to find in the shops locally.



Ingredients for Friday's Lesson.

Today's Lesson


Practise today the 2 x table and division facts on 'Hit the Button'

Main Lesson  To understand how household items are measured. 

Watch the video first. 

After that find items in your own home (ask for adult permission first) that have a measurement on them. Record your findings in a table.



This is the table I drew to record my results.

Today's Puzzle. Which one doesn't belong and why?

15.05.20 - Spellzoo Spellings

  • dangerous
  • poisonous
  • mountainous
  • nervous
  • ridiculous
  • jealous
  • marvellous
  • enormous
  • generous

15.05.20 - SNIP Spellings

  • any
  • around
  • can't
  • heard
  • never
  • show
  • under
  • while
  • write
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