Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Week 3

English - Friday 24th April 2020 

Well done! We have made it to Friday! Your task for today is to use your new spellings to create sentences. Can you identify the spelling pattern (Spellzoo Spellings)?  Use a dictionary (online is fine) to make sure you know what each word means. Then, place each word into a sentence, taking time to focus on spelling and the punctuation throughout the sentence. 

23.04.20 - Spellzoo Spellings

  • lovely
  • slowly
  • likely
  • safely
  • motherly
  • really
  • usually
  • regularly
  • properly
  • shortly


23.04.20 - SNIP Spellings

  • being
  • coming
  • didn't
  • first
  • goes
  • half
  • might
  • thought
  • watch

Maths - Friday 24th April 2020

 A bit of a change today - there is no maths video. Today is the 'Friday Family Maths Challenge' so an opportunity for you all to have a go laugh!  Questions 1, 2, 3, and 4 are probably the ones most suitable for year 3 but have a go at as many or as few as you wish. Good luck and have fun!

Today's Puzzle.

English – Thursday 23rd April 2020

Today we are going to be looking at possessive apostrophes. Remember these are used when something belongs to someone.

Here are some examples:

  • Mrs Karban’s chair
  • Sarah’s ice cream
  • Mike’s bicycle

The document below has two sections. In the first part, you need to edit the sentences to include a possessive apostrophe. Then, in the second part, you are rewriting sentences to include a possessive apostrophe.

Maths - Thursday 23rd April 2020

Hello all. I hope you are not finding the fractions work too tough going. Remember, just do as much as you can.

Today's lesson extends the work you did yesterday and helps you to understand how to order fractions.


Summer 1, week 1, lesson 4. Ordering fractions. 

Today's Puzzle.

English – Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Attached below is a picture and the start of a story linked to it.

Your task is to write the next part of the story. Alternatively, you could write your own opening using the image for inspiration and ideas.

To challenge yourself, try to include fronted adverbials and detailed adjectives.

Maths - Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Today's lesson moves on to comparing fractions.  The video is quite long - just work through it slowly and do not worry if you don't get to the end. Just do as much or as little as you feel you want. Use the interactive fraction wall if it helps you.

Today's video:

Summer Term, week 1, lesson 3. Compare Fractions.


Today's Puzzle. What do you notice and what do you wonder?

English – Tuesday 21st April 2020

Take a look at the moon landing picture below. Imagine you are exploring the surface of the moon as an astronaut. Draw an image of what you might see. You could label the different things with descriptive phrases.

Maths - Tuesday 21st April 2020

Today’s lesson is that last one on equivalent fractions. As usual work your way through the video, pausing when necessary it to explore the fraction wall. You could use the interactive one below if you wish.


Today's video

Summer 1, Week 1, Lesson 2. Equivalent Fractions (3)

Today's Puzzle. What is the same about these and what is different?

English – Monday 20th April 2020

To start the new term, we would like you to think of something you have done over the Easter holidays and write a diary entry for Mrs Karban and Miss Thomas to read. You may have had an Easter egg hunt, cooked something for dinner or played a game with your family. I have attached an example diary entry of Miss Thomas’s holiday for you to read through for ideas. 

Maths - Monday 20th April 2020

Welcome back to your maths home learning! In this week’s lessons you will continue to develop your understanding of fractions. Today’s lesson explores equivalent fractions (fractions that are the same as each other) and builds on the lesson you did on the Friday before Easter. It may help if you go back and look at the work you did then and you could also watch the video again from the lesson on Friday 3rd April for revision.

Today's video:

Summer Term Week 1 Lesson 1 - Equivalent Fractions (2)


Today's Puzzle - Which one doesn't belong?

Can you find different reasons why each one may not belong in the set? Can you find reasons to explain why they all belong?
‘Children are captivated by their learning’, ‘The well-being of pupils is at the heart of the school’, ‘School is a calm place - pupils are polite, courteous and well-mannered’