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Today's lesson 1 for those of you who have been revising the work done last year is understanding am and pm. Miss Thomas teaches you the lesson on the video today and there are some worksheets to do after you have watched it. Lesson 2 for those of you who are following that set of lessons is on converting between hours, minutes and seconds. There is an Oak Academy video on this and some White Rose worksheets for you to do.




Lesson 1

'Maths with Miss T!'

Understanding am and pm

Lesson 2


Date: Wednesday 3rd March 2021

LO: To use personification to describe a type of weather

Today you are going describe a type of weather of your choice, using personification like Grace Nichols did in her two poems.  There is nothing to print out again today, just read the information in the lesson and complete the task. We are really looking forward to reading your weather descriptions! Could you even write it as a poem?  There is an extra task of illustrating your writing/poem with a picture. 

Environmental project

Complete the mini project. Remember to email it to us, and complete the consent forms if you want us to submit it to the competition! 


Look at Monday's webpage to remind yourself of what you need to do, and for the forms:

Monday 1st March (scroll to the bottom of the page)

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