Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

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Date: 13.01.21

LO: To investigate multiplication patterns

Today's lesson is on an Oak Academy video. It's a long video of 30 minutes and I think the explanation gets quite complicated. It's actually quite a simple idea so Mrs Derbyshire and I will try to make it easier for you in the morning Teams Meeting today.  You will need to print out the blank number lines and squares to do all the tasks today. If you do not have access to a printer, do the tasks in red and draw the number lines in your book. You can still compare the two grids for the multiples of 6 and 12 as they are shown in the video.

The important tasks today are: 

1.Write out the multiples on 6 on a number line/counting stick

2. Colour in the multiples of 6 on a 100 square

3. Write out the multiples on 12 on a number line/counting stick

4. Colour in the multiples of 12 on the 10 by 12 square

5.Compare the patterns that you see on the 2 squares you have coloured in. What is the same? What is different? What else do you notice?



Label these number lines with the 6 and 12 times table when asked to do so on the video. 


Date: Wednesday 13th January 2021

LO: To plan the opening of a story

In this lesson, you are going to be watching the opening of the story and ordering the key moments. You will plan precise vocabulary for each part, before practising full sentences out loud.

Planning grid for story opening

Date: Wednesday 13th January 2021

L.O. To find out why there is a time difference between different countries.

If you travel to many places in the world you often find that you have to alter your watch as the country you travel to is in a different time zone. That means the time in that country is different to the time in the UK. For example, in the UK and 12 noon it is already 1:00pm in Poland but it is 7;00am in New York. In this lesson you will find out why different countries have different times. 

If you can, print out the map below to help you with the activities in this lesson. If you can't do this, then just point at the screen.


Time Zones Map to print

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