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In this episode Puck leads the lovers around the woods, exhausting them and eventually anointing Lysander’s eyes with a remedy potion that makes him love Hermia again. The four lovers are awoken by Theseus and Hippolyta’s hunting party and Theseus invites them back to Athens for a triple wedding. Meanwhile, Oberon releases Titania from the love spell and she is disgusted that she has been in love with a donkey. She and Oberon are reunited.


Watch the video and answer the following questions:


What do you think happens next?

Will the lovers be reconciled?

What about Theseus’s ruling from the beginning of the play?

Will Bottom make it back in time to perform Pyramus?

We would like you to write your ending to the play.

Maths: Wednesday

There are two games for you to have a go at today.  One is called “Missing Multipliers” where you need to work out the missing labels on a multiplication grid, using as few moves as possible. 
The second game is called Nim, and is played between two people. The game is a little bit like “Elevens”.  You have a target number of 23 to reach, and you take it in turns to add 1, 2, 3 or 4 each time.  The first person to get to 23 is the winner.  On the website, there is an interactive version where you play against the computer.  Mrs Anderson has not managed to beat the computer yet!  Can you?! Let us know if you do!  Play the game here:

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