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L.O. To plan ideas for a persuasive text

For today's lesson I would like you to begin by watching the  videos about endangered rainforests and what impact this has on the plants, animals, and environment. The 1st clip talks more about the rainforests dangers and consequences if it's natural beauty is tampered with. Whereas, the 2nd video clip shows you a clear picture of the rainforests natural beauty, showing exactly why people shouldn't come in and change it.

In note form write down a list of reasons why it should not be interfered with and why the trees shouldn’t be chopped down.

Take a look at a couple of examples of a persuasive argument (resources), think about the content, features, layout and spend some time planning your own persuasive text based on whether or not you feel rainforests should be interfered with by people, including the impact it has if trees are chopped down, along with any other points as to why you feel the rainforests should be left alone. 

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