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Miss T's English Introduction!

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English – Wednesday 1st July 2020

Hello again, well done for making it half way through the week! For today’s English lesson we are going to read/watch the next chapter of the story called ‘Lavender', on the audiobook you will need to start at 2 hour, 2 minutes and 23 seconds and finish at 2 hour 9 minutes and 34 seconds. I have also attached a copy of the chapter below in a pdf.

In this chapter, Lavender catches a newt from the bottom of her garden. She then takes it into school ready for Miss Trunchbull. Today’s activity is to research information about newts; you will need to use the internet to conduct your research. I would like you to find out about the following:

  • Habitat,
  • Diet,
  • Predators,
  • Image.

I have attached a research outline below to help you. In tomorrow’s lesson you will be using all of your new found facts to design and create an information poster or fact file so the more information you find today the more you will have to use tomorrow.

Parents – Please note that the video link may have adverts.

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Maths – Wednesday 1st July 2020

Understanding horizontal and vertical lines.


Please watch the video on horizontal and vertical lines.


Vertical and horizontal lines


1. Go around the house once more and find examples of horizontal and vertical lines. What do you notice about the angle where a vertical and horizontal line meet?


2. Draw some horizontal lines exactly:  10 cm, 3 cm, 50 mm, 21 cm, 140 mm and 65 mm long.


3. Draw some vertical lines exactly:7 cm, 1 cm, 26 cm, 80 mm, 170 mm and 125 mm long.

Which one doesn't belong and why? Can you find reasons why each one may not belong in the set?

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