Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School


Wednesday 17th June

Hello year 5.  Here is your home-learning for today.  Keep safe.


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Mrs Anderson, Mrs Woodhead and Mrs Evans

Maths: Wednesday 17th June

In this lesson we will be looking at 2D and 3D shapes.  There is a powerpoint for you to have a look at (which does bring up the answers to check) and a worksheet for you to practise with the answers.

English: Wednesday 17th June

Starter: Antonyms are words which are opposite to each other eg. Dry and wet. Synonyms are words which are similar to each other eg. Beautiful and pretty. Homophones are words which sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings.  Eg. Hair and hare.  With this knowledge, have a go at the game on the website.

English task:

In this lesson you will identify the features of a setting description. 



Anyone wanting anymore resources?  Try logging onto BBC Bitesize.  Here you will find lots of resources for every subject.

The website below is for the Government Oak National Academy, which also has lots of resources and lessons for different subjects.

Remember to keep reading and quizzing using Bug Club.  If you want to quiz on an Accelerated Reading, use the link to log on.

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