Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School



Date: 23.02.21

L.O. To add money

Today you will add different amounts of money. This is a very useful life skill. In the morning Teams session, we will show you how to set out the calculations. This is different from how it is set out on the sheet so you will need to do the work in your books today, not writing on the worksheet.


Worksheets -Both have the same questions


Date: Tuesday 23rd February 2021

LO: To use my imagination to create a poem 


Today's English follows on from yesterday, still thinking about Michael Rosen's poem Don't. Today you are using your creative skills and imagination, and producing your own 'don't' rules of things you're really not supposed to do! We can't wait to hear your ridiculous rules! 


Below is a document with the tasks for today, and also a copy of the poem if you need to remind yourself of how it is laid out. 

TJ Arts Week - Tuesday

Today you're creating your very own character out of Playdoh, ready to be turned into a comic-book and film star! Click on the link below for the Arts Week page to find out more!

TJ Arts Week


This lesson is the alternative lesson if you are not participating in the TJ Art week

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