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Miss T's English Introduction!

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English – Tuesday 14th July 2020

Welcome back to your last Tuesday in Year 3! For today’s activity I would like you to imagine you are a travel agent and trying to sell a holiday to any destination of your choice. It could be in England or abroad. It could even be a made up location! Then, I would like you to create a travel advert for this holiday destination, you need to try and encourage people to book their holidays with you and make your advert stand out. You can present your advert in any way that you like including a poster or a video. Try to include the following features:

  • Description of the location
  • Images of the holiday
  • Fun activities
  • A price

Maths - Tuesday 14th July 2020

Now you have explored 3-D shapes I would like you to spend some time adding information about them to your geometry dictionary. This task can be done today and tomorrow. Explore the definitions if you need to in the online maths dictionary but try to write the definition in your own words. Drawing diagrams is difficult of 3-D shapes so you do not have to do this unless you want to have a go. Alternatively, you could take pictures of 3-D shapes to add to your dictionary.

Try adding the terms:





Square based pyramid


Triangular prism




Today's Puzzle. How many squares? How many rectangles (remember a square is also a rectangle)?

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