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In this episode the confused lovers begin to fight in the woods. Now that Puck has accidentally anointed Lysander’s eyes and correctly anointed Demetrius’s eyes, both men are now in love with Helena. Hermia thinks that Helena has stolen her love from her, and Helena thinks that everyone is just playing a huge joke at her expense.Things soon degenerate...


Watch the next episode of the video. There are a few insults being thrown and we want you to see if you can find as many as you can and then create insult cards! We have given you an example to start you off!


Hermia’s Insult Card

Helena’s insult Card

You Juggler!

She’s a bead!














Mrs Anderson loves the Number Jumbler game.  Have a go at it here:

The instructions were a little confusing at first, so I will explain it more here.

  1. Choose one of the two digit numbers. As an example, I am going to choose 22.
  2. Add the two digits together 2+2=4
  3. Subtract this number from your original number: 22-4=18
  4. Then find this number on the screen, and see which symbol it has – a heart in this case.
  5. Click on the machine to spin the symbols – you should get the same symbol!  Very clever….or is it?

Can you explain how it works?

If you want more, or something different, why not try this activity?

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