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Thomas Jolyffe Primary School


Tuesday 7th June

Good morning year 5!  Please find your home-learning activities below.


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English Tuesday 7th July

Hi! We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s work. In this episode we meet the ‘Mechanicals’, a group of Athenian tradesmen and hapless amateur actors, who are meeting to rehearse a play they are planning for Duke Theseus’s wedding

day. Principal among them are Mistress Quince (the play’s director) and Nick Bottom the weaver (who desperately wants to play all the parts).


There are six different Mechanicals assigned to play six different roles in the play-within-the-play in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Watch the episode again and note which part is assigned to which character as it is allocated. Choose from a list of descriptive words to describe the characters - eg:

  • loud and confident for Bottom
  • fearful and shy for Snug/Starveling
  • nervous, organised, even bossy for Quince

Activity 1: Use the activity sheet - describe the Mechanicals. You can write them as subtitles in your book-there is no need to print off the sheet.

Activity 2: Create a poster advertising the terrible ‘Mechanicals’

acting troupe. Include drawings of the characters,

based on the animated characters from this adaptation.


Anyone wanting anymore resources?  Try logging onto BBC Bitesize.  Here you will find lots of resources for every subject.

The website below is for the Government Oak National Academy, which also has lots of resources and lessons for different subjects.

Remember to keep reading and quizzing using Bug Club.  If you want to quiz on an Accelerated Reading, use the link to log on.

 If you can’t remember your log on for either Bug Club or AR, then email your class teacher

Tuesday 7th July: Maths

Starter: Estimating using a pie chart

In this lesson you will be using an interactive ruler to test your measuring skills.  You will also learn how to convert between cm and mm.  Go to Mymaths, measurement, measurement, Y5 measuring lengths. We have also set the online home learning for you to try.

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