Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School


Tuesday 30th June


Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s activities. Here are today's!


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Mrs Anderson, Mrs Woodhead and Mrs Evans

English: Tuesday 30th June


The great thing about reading is that it creates pictures in your head and your picture could be very different to someone else’s. Today’s task involves you reading the text and showing us the image that it creates in your mind. Remember to always check any tricky words you don’t understand.


Tuesday 30th June – Maths – Metric Conversion

In this lesson you will convert between different units of length, weights and volumes. 


1 metre = 100cm = 1000 millimmetres

1 litre = 100 centilitres= 1000millilitres

1 Kilo = 1000 grammes

We have set the online homelearning for you to have a go.

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