Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Tuesday 16th



LO: To subtract two 4-digit numbers using exchange

Today you will develop further your understanding of subtraction. This lesson builds on the one you did yesterday. Watch the video, pause it to answer the questions when told to do so, and then answer the questions on the worksheet. Remember also to pause the video when it first starts on the 'Get ready' section to answer the questions. These are ones that you should understand from your previous learning and will help you prepare for the main lesson that follows.

Subtract two 4-digit numbers (more than one exchange)


Tuesday 16th March 2021

LO: To provide evidence for a viewpoint


Today you are listening to Mrs Dunnico read part 3 of the story. We hope you enjoy it:


Mrs Dunnico reading part 3 of I Was a Rat


Yesterday afternoon you researched rats, and this morning on Teams we will be discussing what the class learned about rats - you will be encouraged to make some further notes as you will need your rat facts for the English lesson today. You should have some knowledge about the features and behaviours of rats before completing today's English:


Your task today is to consider what evidence there is that Roger was rat.


Reflect on what you have heard about Roger in the story so far and what evidence and clues there are about his 'rattiness'. Write what you remember about Roger's actions and behaviour that proves he was a rat. If you need to remind yourself of earlier parts of the story, here is the link to the other parts of the story. Please don't listen past 'Part 3': I Was a Rat read by Mrs Dunnico


Write a few sentences using the rat facts you have found out and we discuss in the morning Teams meeting (link here) and what you remember from the story. An optional challenge: Write a paragraph or two as a short report - as if you were giving evidence to the Police or a court. Make it formal and back up every idea you have that proves he was a rat from evidence in the story. 


Today's lesson develops your understanding of percussion. It's another fun, practical lesson. Follow the teacher on the video and beat out those rhythms!

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