Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School


Geography - Population


Monday January 11th

Where are all the people?

In this lesson, we will be starting a new topic all about population! We will consider how many people there are on the planet, how this has changed and where populations are distributed.


Tuesday January 12th

Why does population change?

In this lesson, we will examine how population has changed over time, how birth rates and death rates affect population, and how the population of the UK has changed.


Wednesday January 13th

What is a population pyramid?

In this lesson we will be exploring a new type of graph called a population pyramid. These special graphs help us to see what the breakdown of a population is in terms of gender and age.


Thursday January 14th

What challenges can a growing population present?

In this lesson we will explore how rapidly growing populations in certain areas can present challenges, especially around infrastructure and resources.


Friday January 15th

What challenges do people face living in slums?

In this lesson we will learn about informal settlements, sometimes known as 'slums', where almost a billion of the world's population lives. We'll consider how and why slums emerge and develop, the challenges faced by people living in them, and some of the ways these challenges are trying to be overcome.

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