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The Great Fire of London


The first Topic of remote learning will be, The Great Fire of London. This will last for approximately 2 weeks. 

We will put the links to the relevant Oak Academy lessons here on the class pages but there are lots of great additional resources online too. Please use them too if you'd prefer or like to find out more! 



Wednesday 6th January 

1. What was life like in the 17th century?


 In this lesson, we will begin by looking at who ruled England during the 17th century, up to who was in charge at the time of the Great Fire of London. We will then have a look at how people lived, finishing by exploring the different types of jobs available during this period.  


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Thursday 7th January

2. How did London begin?


 In this lesson, we will look at London's origin, focusing on how it began as a Roman settlement by the banks of the River Thames nearly 2000 years ago. 


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Friday 8th January

3. What was London like at the time of the fire?


In this lesson, we will look at how London developed as an important cultural, economic and political centre through the reign of the Anglo-Saxons, Normans and Tudors.


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