Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thursday 3rd December


To convert fractions to decimals

In today’s lesson, we will be learning how to convert a fraction to a decimal using different strategies.



To plan the opening of a non-chronological report

In this lesson, we will look at the purpose of an opening and use our notes to plan the opening paragraph.




LO: To keep moving and raise your heart rate during the 20 second window


You will need a timer for this PE lesson. You could use a watch, phone, tablet etc.


Tabata is the name of a type of workout which is four minutes long consisting of 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work at maximum effort, followed by 10 seconds of rest.



1.It is important to work consistently during each 20 second period, slow and steady is better than quickly and  then having to stop
2.Start the work with the full exercise and then change to the easier option at round 4 or 5 if you need to, the key is to keep moving during the 20 second window



Extra grammar

The Hyphens Song

‘Children are captivated by their learning’, ‘The well-being of pupils is at the heart of the school’, ‘School is a calm place - pupils are polite, courteous and well-mannered’