Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School


World Book Day


Welcome to Year 3's World Book Day Activities! Today is all about books and their fantastic characters. Miss T and Miss U have put together 5 different activities for you to have a look at and select from. We would like you to complete at least 2 activities throughout the day as well as take the time to snuggle up and read a book of your choice. You might even want to create your own snug area to help you relax, ready for to escape to a new world. We would love to hear how you get on today, have fun and make sure you take time to relax...with a good book!


Please send us photos of you reading at home as we would love to add them to a reading display when we are back next week!

**Remember there are also different activities over on the World Book Day page. You can see if your predictions for the Masked Reader were correct, as well as hear 2 fantastic stories being read by some familiar faces.** 

Activity 1 - Design your own hero or villain

In this activity we would like you to imagine you are writing your own book and design your very own book character. This character doesn’t have to be human and can belong to any genre style. Can you add some detail to tell us a little bit about your character?


Activity 2 - Design your own bookmark

When we return to school next week you will be surrounded by books once again and have a great range to choose from. Therefore, you will need a bookmark to keep your page safe. We have attached a range of templates and an origami video too which you might want to use when making your own bookmark. We look forward to seeing these in use next week!

DIY - Easy Paper Monster & Owl Corner Bookmarks

Activity 3 - Redesign a book cover

For this activity you need to pick a book that you have read and enjoyed. We would like you to think about the plot and the characters and then go on to design a new front cover for it. You could do this however you like: building, drawing, painting or colouring your front cover. Remember to put the book title on there, too.

Activity 4 - Build a setting

For this activity you will be building a setting that you would love to visit in your favourite book using whatever you can find. For example you could use Lego or play doh.


Activity 5 - Create a comic book of a story

For this activity you could use a story you have read or create your own. Choose a key part of the story and turn it into a comic book. We have attached a template for you to use if you wish, or you could design your own. I wonder if anyone can guess your story from your pictures.

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