Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School



Date: 25.02.21

L.O. To find change

In this lesson you will be finding out how to calculate change which once again is another very important life skill. The teaching for this lesson will be done in the morning Teams session. If you miss it watch the recording later. It would help you if you had some coins available to work with during this lesson, but remember coins have been handled by a lot of people so only use ones that you have had in your house for a while.


Parents please note: following feedback I got yesterday, I have amended the worksheets for today. These are more visual and will support the children's understanding. If you have already prepared the others for tomorrow, please continue to use those if you wish.




Date: Thursday 25th February 2021

LO: To summarise a narrative poem

We are working on the Chocolate Cake poem by Michael Rosen again today. Your task today is to summarise the narrative poem in a comic strip. There are eight sections for you to draw a cartoon picture and write a sentence relating to the picture. Whilst you watch Michael Rosen reading the poem again,  make notes so you can plan the main events you are going to include from the poem.

Arts Week

For Wednesday and Thursday Mr Penn is asking you to have a go at creating a comic strip and a 'Stop Motion' film. Head to the Arts Week page to find out more in the two videos on there. We can't wait to see your creations!


Arts Week webpage


This lesson is for those following the music lessons this week rather than participating in the TJ Art week.

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