Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School



Date: 11.02.21

L.O. To look for patterns and connections

Today you have a fun interactive maths investigation that will also help you to practise your mental addition and subtraction skills. 

  1. Look at the numbers on the screen.
  2. Choose a 2-digit number and add the 2 digits e.g. 62 would be 6 + 2 = 8
  3. Then subtract the answer from the original digit. In this case it would be 62 - 8 = 54
  4. Memorise the symbol at the side of your final answer
  5. Click on the machine.... 

Do this many times and try to work out what is happening by looking for any patterns that you notice?

Hint: It may help if you write down your calculations as you do them.





Date: Thursday 11th February 2021

LO: To write an explanation text (part 2)

In this lesson, we will write our sections on grinding and mixing. You will be writing up the moulding part tomorrow. If you missed yesterday's lesson, below an example plan. Remember to write this up in your own words. The success criteria for your writing is:

  • I have used a fronted adverbial
  • I have used a range of conjunctions
  • I have written in the present tense
  • I have used a relative clause (you're reminded about these in the lesson)


Today is the final lesson allocated for your mini-project on South America. Concentrate all your efforts on finishing the things you have started. If you have already finished then add some information to explain any pictures or add a picture to illustrate any writing. We would love to be able to share all you have done, so please send us any pictures that you are happy for us to share. We have been really impressed with your ideas and the effort we have seen you putting into this project. So well done to everyone has has participated.

caleb machu picchu.mp4

Still image for this video
Caleb's video on Machu Pichu!
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