Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School



Date: 11.02.2021

LO: To draw shapes

In this lesson you will use what you have learnt so far to draw shapes with different areas. To do this accurately, like a mathematician, you need to use a ruler and draw them exactly on the lines on the squared grid. For this reason, you will find the tasks easier if you have squared paper or print the printable worksheet as this gives you the squares. The alternative is to have a go at drawing the shapes on the interactive squares on the link below. 

As usual, watch the video first and pause it when told to do the tasks.

Making shapes


Date: Thursday 4th February 2021

LO: To plan an explanation text (part 1)

In this lesson, we will create a plan for our sections on harvesting and roasting. We will also use our plans to orally practise these sections. Remember, this is only the planning, we will be writing it up on Monday. The lesson is similar to the one you did on Tuesday.


Below are two template plans - for the harvesting and roasting stages for you to print and fill in, or copy. There is also a sheet for the first task in the lesson where you need to think about adjectives to describe the cocoa beans at different stages in the process. You can print this off, or just write your thoughts in your book.

The detailed notes about the whole chocolate making process are here too, just in case you need to remind yourself of some of the details. Happy planning! 


Date: Thursday 4th February 2021

L.O. To revise my learning on sound

As a change from Oak Academy, today you have an opportunity to review what you have learnt about sound so far in this unit. There may be something that you have missed or forgotten, so spend some time exploring this BBC Bitesize video on the screen. There is no writing to do. Just watch the clips and have a go at completing the sentences on the screen. Finish with the quiz. If you want to do more scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on some of the other pages on sound on this website.

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