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Thomas Jolyffe Primary School


English – Thursday 16th July 2020

Today I would like you to create your own personal summer holidays bucket list. This is a list of activities or goals that you would like to complete during your 6 weeks holiday. Life isn’t completely normal at the moment so some of your usual holiday activities may not be possible such as going on holiday, so now is your opportunity to get creative! I have created a list of examples below:

  • Create a new game
  • Go for a long walk
  • Have a picnic
  • Read a book from a different genre

I have included a template below if you would like to use it. 

Maths -Thursday 16th July 2020

As you all know from my various videos, I have done a long walk each day of the lock down. I decided to make one of these a maths walk for a change. I did the same walk, but I decided to look at everything I saw from a maths point of view.

I was thinking all the time - what maths do I notice and what mathematical questions could I ask?

Look at the pictures I took and talk to someone about what maths you see in the pictures. Then ask some mathematical questions about them.

As an example, I had a go at looking at the first picture of the sign with the coca-cola bottles.

I see:

rectangular oblong 2-D shapes

a square

a cuboid

a money sign £

a vertical stand

a price offer of 2 for £3

3 bottles

a frame made of horizontal and vertical pieces fitted together

right angles

I wonder:

How much is each bottle to buy individually?

What would the total cost of the 3 bottles be if I bought them separately?

How much do I save if buy them on the 2 for £3 offer?

How many litres does each bottle hold?

What is the area of the notice?

What is the perimeter of the notice?

How tall is the sign?

Is the base heavy? What is its mass and volume?

What fraction of the frame is covered by the poster?


There are many more questions you could ask - just remember they need to be of a mathematical nature.








What maths can you see? What questions can you ask?

Today's Puzzle - How many triangles?

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