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In this episode the three couples celebrate their wedding. The post-wedding entertainment is the truly terrible play of Pyramus and Thisbe, performed by the hapless Mechanicals. The story ends with Puck addressing the audience (us), hoping that we have enjoyed A Midsummer Night’s Dream and asking for our friendship.


Watch the video. Look at the Activity Sheet 1. There are 8 reminders of each of the short clips you have seen. We would like you the write a short paragraph for each picture, telling the story in the correct order. Try and remember as much as you can without re-watching any of the video clips.

Good Luck!


Go to 

where you will find a whole selection of maths games to enjoy today!

Make a maths game and play it with your family (or friends if in school).  This could be a card game or a board game.  Write a set of rules to go alongside it.  Take some photos of it and post on twitter or send to us to put on the website.

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