Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School


Working out entrance fees


Today you need to think about how much your theme park is going to charge each of its customers.


Use your weekly running cost from yesterday to work out a daily running cost. 

  • Will you have a fixed price for everyone?
  • Will children go into the park at a cheaper rate? At what age will a child be classes as an adult?
  • Will you create group or family discount?


A sensible estimate for the number of average daily visitors in the first two weeks is 750 people. Work out how much each potential customer needs to pay to just cover the running costs of the theme park.


Will you just charge your customers this price, or do you need to make a profit?


Your business needs to make a profit!

Think about your profit margin. What is a fair price to charge that will give a good profit but not put people off visiting your park. 

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