Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School


Good morning year 5!  Here are your home learning activities for today.


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Thursday 9th July

Good morning children. The play is moving on and in this episode we meet Hermia and Lysander again. They are lost

in the woods and decide to sleep rough on the forest floor. Seeing

the Athenians on the ground, Puck messes up the instructions from

Oberon and places the flower’s magic on Lysander’s eyes instead

of Demetrius’ - with disastrous consequences!


Activity 1: After examining Oberon and Puck’s use of the magic flower and accompanying verse passages, come up with your own magic flower, draw a picture of it and describe its properties.

Activity 2: Write a spell to be spoken when administering their magic flower.


Anyone wanting anymore resources?  Try logging onto BBC Bitesize.  Here you will find lots of resources for every subject.

The website below is for the Government Oak National Academy, which also has lots of resources and lessons for different subjects.

Thursday 9th July: Maths

Starter: Have a go at this puzzle where you need to join fraction and decimal equivalents.

Today we are starting to look at capacity.  Capacity is a measurement of how much a container can hold.  Go to Mymaths, measurement, measurement, units of capacity.  We have also set the online home learning for you to try.

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