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BATTLE OF THE BANDS At 3:00pm yesterday 3K had taken the lead in a hard fought battle in the late afternoon. Only 3 hours later 3T had mounted a counter offensive and had seized the lead once again. Well done to everyone who has made a contribution. The battle is getting ever closer. Remember every point counts so keep rockin’!

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English – Thursday 25th June 2020

Today we will be introduced to the chokey, which is one of Miss Trunchbull’s favourite punishments for naughty children. Roald Dahl describes the terrifying cupboard brilliantly at the beginning of the chapter so I would like you to read/watch the audiobook from 1 hour, 30 minutes and 25 seconds to 1 hour 40 minutes and 37 seconds. I have also attached the chapter below in a pdf. For the activity, I would like you to use Mr Dahl’s fantastic descriptions to help you create a picture or a diagram of the chokey. You could use pencils and paper or try to create a model out of things from around the house. Whatever works best for you, but remember it is an awful space that is used to scare all children. Please send us pictures of your hard work, it would be lovely to see the different pictures and models that you all create!

Parents – Please note that the video link may have adverts.

Roald Dahl | Matilda - Full audiobook with text (AudioEbook)

Roald Dahl Collection Playlist: Matilda's parents were horrible and called her the m...

Maths – Thursday 25th June 2020

Finding right angles

Today you are going to be finding out about right angles. Tell the person that is caring for you what you already think you know about right angles, then in the rest of the lesson you can find out if your ideas were correct.


Task 2

Now watch my video, where I show you how to make an accurate right angle measure. Then have a go at making one yourself. 



Making an angle measure


Once you have made your own right angle measure take it around the house to find objects that have right angles.

You could then: make a list of them, or , if you have your parents' permission, you could take pictures of them, and make a PowerPoint or a display on Word to show all the objects that you have found with right angles. You could try marking the right angles with the square to show where they are if you have taken any pictures.


Today's Puzzle - Which one doesn't belong and why?

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