Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thursday 18th


Date: 18.03.2021

L.O. To estimate answers

In today's lesson you will need to use the rounding skills that you learnt earlier in the year, when we were in school. You will use the rounding to estimate the answers to the questions. Listen to the video first, pausing it when you need to think or to answer a question. Then do the worksheets.

Estimate answers

Challenge Questions and Answers (optional)


Date: Thursday 18th March 2021

LO: To write open questions


Today you are listening to Mrs Dunnico read part 5 of the story:

Mrs Dunnico reading part 5 of I Was a Rat


Once you have listened to part 5 of the story you will know that the Philosopher Royal, who works for the King, took Roger to the Palace to ask him some questions to investigate why he said he had been a rat.


Your task today is to imagine you were the one interviewing Roger. Write a list of open questions to find out why he believes he was a rat, and what happened to him before he arrived at Bob and Joan's house. What would you ask him to find out as much as possible about his life? 


Remember, an open question allows the person answering to give you a fuller and longer answer - more than a one-word answer like yes or no. Think about the question words you can use that would encourage Roger to share what's happened to him. 


Hopefully your questions will be more effective than the Philosopher Royal's! We would like you to come up with at least 10 questions. 


We hope that you are enjoying these fun, practical lessons. Today is the second part of the lesson on body percussion. Watch the video and have a go when the teacher tells you to.

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