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Welcome to our Den online.


We all know what a first aid box is used for but have you ever thought about a ‘Feelings’ first aid box? 

Well, instead of a box of things that can help when our bodies are hurt, it’s a box full of ideas and strategies that can help us when our feelings are hurt. We may be feeling; sad, scared, worried or just uncomfortable and don’t understand why?

So whilst we can’t be, together, in school at the moment, why not let us be part of your ‘Feelings’ first aid box. Whether you need help to feel better, relax or something to do just for fun, we hope you enjoy our page! 

So please keep visiting, we will be posting lots of our Den favourite activities, crafts, sharing ideas and stories, along with videos of how we are spending our time!


We would love to hear from you too, you may want to share what you are doing or an activity you think others would enjoy or find helpful. 

So please get in touch!!


Mrs Allen, Mrs Barnes, Miss Green, Mrs Hipkin

Welcome the The Den Online

Mrs Allen says hi!

A message from Mrs Hipkin

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Welcome to The Den on line in this last week of term, starting 13th July 2020

  • Well it is the end of another school year; not quite the end we could have imagined but on Friday we are breaking up for the start of the 'official' summer holidays!
    We thought it would be nice to think about what we would like to do, through the summer, if we are allowed! So we have all completed our 'summer boards'.
    I have used the 'Big Life Summer Board' resource, which I have attached, for you to do yourselves, at home, or you may want to be creative using a device, just like the rest of the team, either way, it's fun to think about!!

Our Summer Boards

Are you helping at home? Why not share out the jobs with this fun, 'Family Contribution Spinner' game. You can decide, as a family, what you would like to include on yours!

A Goodbye Message from the Team

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Welcome to The Den online week beginning 6th July 2020

The Worry Box, is a story about some of the worries that children and their Teachers, may have, about the transition of changing classes. As many of you are not in school at the moment, to complete the activity and share any worries. You can send any questions that you have for your new teacher and we will do our best to get the answers, for you! Just use the 'get in touch' link.

Classes for September- Here's a reminder of the staff in each class in the next school year.

Check out another month in our resilience calendar: Jump Back July!

Welcome to The Den online week beginning 29th June 2020


This week we are starting to think about changes. Changes can sometimes be difficult or even feel scary. But things are changing all the time, all around us! The world is always turning, day becomes night, seasons change, each beautiful in their own way!

Just think about how you have changed, what you can do now that you couldn't do when you were younger?

Mrs Barnes shares a wonderful craft which demonstrates how changes can be amazing.....

An amazing change

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As you know there has been many changes to the way we are working in school. Mrs Hipkin invites you on a tour of our new 'Den', located in the Hive. We already feel at home and love our outdoor space.....

What do you think?

A tour the new Den in the Hive

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Max and me!

It is very important to look after our pets during the hot weather, this is how Maxi, likes to cool down....

Maxy Cools Down!

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Welcome to the Den Online - week commencing 22nd June

Mrs Barnes shows you how to make a dolls house

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Miss Green shares some sensory activities with you

Welcome to The Den Online week beginning Monday 16th June.

Mrs Allen reads The Invisible String

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Jeremy and Liza discover that no-one is ever truly alone, in this charming contemporary classic.

Mrs Barnes shows us how to create our own 'Invisible String'!

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Have fun with this week's challenge, an 'At home scavenger hunt'.

Welcome back to the Den online, week commencing 8.6.20

The Nurture team share what they are enjoying and what they are finding hard, during this strange time.

Why not have a go at this 'feelings word search'- Can you spot all the different emotions?

Remember: All Feelings are okay

                       There is no such thing as a right or wrong feeling

                       Your feelings are your friends..... Listen to them!

You could have fun creating your own word searches; what about superheroes, animals or your friend's names?

Miss Green shares her 'Joyful June'!

Look at Mrs Barnes' amazing animal bookmarks?! Why not have a go?

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Welcome back to The Den for the week beginning Monday 1st June.

The Pastoral Team share their positive pots!

The Positivity Board Game: remember, if you are unable to print, you can still copy the ideas to make this fun game.

Mrs Allen shares more 'Maxi and Me' moments!

Can we help you with anything? Send us a message in the box below.

Week commencing 25th May 2020 : A hello from Mrs Allen

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Miss Green shares some sensory activities.

Check out Mrs Allen's, 'Quarantine time capsule'.

Mrs Hipkin, Mrs Hip or "Hippers" to the children and adults in school has a lovely message for you.

Check out this lovely "Thank you keyworkers garland" by Mrs Barnes

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Bedtime stories for our younger children:

Two friends who are apart find a new way to keep in touch, despite being far apart!

Felipe the cactus, who is in search of something we all need, sometimes: a hug!

Week beginning Monday 18th May 2020.

Welcome to The Den activities this week.

In this video, Mrs Hipkin shows a wonderful activity for you to enjoy doing at home.

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Here is Mrs Hipkin again showing another calming activity that you can do with someone at home.

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In Mrs Allen's feelings first aid box are her dog Max and walking in the countryside, here she combines the two and shares some photos and a short video.

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Mrs Barnes's Craft Video

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Staying on the nature theme, here is a flowers and rain craft from Mrs Barnes.

Miss Green says hello!

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Check out Miss Green's 'meaningful May' action calendar.

Mrs Barnes' craft room.

Have you ever wanted to have a look around Mrs Barnes' craft room? You'll never believe how much material she has. See if you can count all the bears?

Mrs Barnes makes a worry monster.

Lots of people will have some worries at the moment. Mrs Barnes has got a crafty way to help you manage yours.

The Bored Bucket

Are you feeling bored? Mrs Allen shows us one way of managing feeling bored.

Here's some games to try indoors.


Mrs Allen reads a Den favourite story. See what mischief Danny gets up to when he is bored!

‘Children are captivated by their learning’, ‘The well-being of pupils is at the heart of the school’, ‘School is a calm place - pupils are polite, courteous and well-mannered’