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Mrs Wright sets the first, ever TJ Taskmaster Task in the video below.  Entries to be in by Wednesday 1st April, 12 noon.  Families can submit as many entries as they want.  Winner to be announced next week.  HAVE FUN!

TJ Task1

Here's the first TJ Taskmaster Task. Have some fun with your family trying this challenge and send your videos to Mrs Wright. Can't wait to see them! Have fun.

TJ Taskmaster Task 2


Here's your next TJ Task.  How many times can you toss a head on a coin in 30 seconds?  Challenge your family to see who gets the best score.  Send your scores into Mrs Wright by email: If you really want to make her smile, send in a video of yourselves trying the task.  Remember, if you don't want to appear in the montage video on the website or Twitter, please mention it in your email.  GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN!

TJ Task2 - Coin Toss

Here's another TJ Task to keep you busy over the Easter holidays. Can you beat Mrs Wright's score?

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