Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

See what your friends have been up to!

Nathan has been working hard at home and has created a lovely clay model - Well done Nathan!

Charlie and Connie have had some special visitors this week!

Here is a message from Luke to all Year 5 -he's been brushing up on his languages!

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Lottie has been enjoying the lovely weather outside on her trampoline. A great photo Lottie!

Yuli has been practising drawing during lock down.  Well done Yuli!
Happy Birthday to Charlie!

Wiktoria has been keeping herself busy during lockdown! Well done Wiktoria!



Luke has been celebrating VE Day with his family! Great work Luke!

Daisy has been having a picnic outside her house! Lovely photos Daisy!

Becky made this with her siblings and wrote some facts about the special day! Well done Becky!

Seren has been busy during lockdown, here are some of her pictures...they are of her: making potions on Harry Potter Day, catching up on Zoom with her friends, cracking codes on spy day and making a window rainbow of hearts! Well done Seren!

This VE Day weekend, Manroop (5EW) and her family had a barbcue/picnic in her back garden! Well done Manroop, it looks like you had fun!

Charlie and his family had a lovely day celebrating VE Day with their neighbours. Everybody decorated their houses and sat on their front lawns having afternoon tea. Some of the neighbours played wartime music.
The people opposite us put out wartime memorabilia for people to look at. Other people left sunflowers on their drives for children to take and Charlie acquired a huge cactus
Dylan enjoyed the VE Day work last week and one of the tasked he completed was to research and create this recipe for Wartime Welsh cakes that he then made on Friday afternoon. Dylan has very much been missing school and his teachers and friends so had enjoyed the pictures of his friends work on the class page.

Yesterday, Aran decided that for lunch he would make choux pastry (with gruyere) in the shape of a ring, with the help of his mum and his sister. The first picture is from the cookbook, the second picture is his. Well done Aran-it looks amazing!

On Thursday afternoon, Sofia (5EW) did some art on the ground in front of her house in preparation for clapping at 8:00 pm for NHS.

For his home learning last week, Joel learnt about VE Day and researched information about five WW2 planes. He also had a ‘fly past’ from two of them from his bedroom window!  Great work all!

Joel's fly past.MOV

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Ollie in 5A  made war time pancakes for breakfast on VE day.  They used a recipe which was the same as a pancake mix just without eggs as eggs were rationed.  They had syrup and fruit on the top of them.
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