Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School


Quiz 3

How well do you know your children's characters? Test yourself on this picture round full of characters from books, films and tv shows. 

Quiz 2

Have a go at this emoji quiz. Can you work out the titles of the children's books?

Quiz Number 1

Your 1st set of quizzes have been brought to you by Mrs Anderson. One aimed at KS1 and one for KS2. Feel free to have a go at both.  You will find a question and an answer sheet. No peeking at the answers until you have finished the quiz wink

Let me know how you get on, you may want more challenging questions for next time.




‘Children are captivated by their learning’, ‘The well-being of pupils is at the heart of the school’, ‘School is a calm place - pupils are polite, courteous and well-mannered’