Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School


Option 1- Active Charades




  • Think of as many different exercises as you can that will get your heart beating fast, such as throwing a ball, jumping, crawling, rolling, jogging, star jumps, cycling, kicking a ball etc.
  • Rip up a piece of paper and write one activity on each piece.
  • Put them all in a box or bag.
  • One player takes one out and mimes the action.
  • The others guess what the action is. How many can they guess correctly in one minute?


Option 2- Fox in the Hen House


For this game you will need to turn into Fantastic Mr Fox. You will need some space, so it is a good game to play when you are outside for your daily exercise.


You will need to use sticks or leaves to mark a start and finish point (around 5 metres apart). At the finish point, place around 10 sticks, stones, balls or whatever you can find outside. These are your chickens!


  • Stand at the start line and when your family member says go, you must run to the finish point and collect one item (chicken/hen) at a time and bring it back to the start.
  • Can you collect all 10 items in 30 seconds? You are quite a hungry fox, remember!
  • If the challenge is too easy, move the starting point back by 1 or 2 metres.
  • If the challenge is too hard, extend the time. 


Option 3- Foxy Yoga

Fernando the Silver Fox | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

The closest we could find to a Fantastic Mr Fox yoga!

Option 4- Fitness Challenge


  • Write down 6 of your favourite workout activities that you can count (star jumps, sit-ups, press ups, squats, squat jumps, lunges, burpees etc.)
  • Ask an adult or sibling to set a timer for 30 seconds
  • Start with your first activity and see how many you can do in 30 seconds
  • Write down your result
  • Continue for all 6 activities, writing down the results each time
  • When you have completed all 6, have a rest
  • Then try them again and see if you can beat your score
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