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Parents Focus Group

Current Focus Group Surveys and Questionnaires:

Your stand-out TJ memory (closes on 31st January)

How important is...? (closes on 31st January)



Why use Focus Groups?


In running a school such as Thomas Jolyffe, it is important to recognise the wide variety of situations and viewpoints that come with the breadth of families and extended links associated with 380 children who attend school every day.


It is our job to try to balance that variety and create a school that can work for every single family. This is an immense challenge - especially after a pandemic where parents have had more control over the education of their children than ever before.



How will the Focus Group work?


We want the Focus Group page to be a free environment for parents and carers to air views and opinions in an appropriate manner, bearing in mind the challenges mentioned above. To do this, we will:


1) Contact individual parents selected at random on a regular basis to gain thoughts on aspects of school that we wish to improve or monitor. Parents are not obliged to respond, but in seeking as wide a cross-section as possible, we will contact as many people as we feel necessary to gather the necessary evidence.


2) Create Working Parties to look at and review policies, gather evidence on a particular theme, meet together face to face or video call on a specific topic. These will be on an invitational basis.


3) By completing surveys and comments forms to help us gather information across the school. 



Want to try it out? Everyone is welcome to have their say...


Current Focus Group Topics:

Your stand-out TJ memory (closes on 31st January)

How important is...? (closes on 31st January)



Previously this was the space to speak to the Parent Council


Started in November 2018, Thomas Jolyffe Primary's Parent Focus Group originally took the form of a face-to-face Parent Council. It provided a place to put forward views to the school leaders and the governing body and was a more accessible way to allow parents to help influence decisions made about the school, enabling people who care to make a real contribution to the education of their children.


However, recruiting new members has always been difficult. Meeting times were often inconvenient and impossible for the vast majority of our parents. Thank you to everyone who gave their time, effort and energy being a part of the first iteration of Parent Council. We hope to be able to speak to more of you throughout 2023 and beyond.

I'd like to suggest a focus on...

Use this form to suggest what you believe our priorities should be. Please help us by explaining as thoroughly as possible why you have chosen your topic. Aggressive or abusive submissions will be disregarded.

‘Children are captivated by their learning’, ‘The well-being of pupils is at the heart of the school’, ‘School is a calm place - pupils are polite, courteous and well-mannered’