Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Class Assembly Dates

Dear parents and carers,

The following Class Assembly dates are now confirmed.

6D 12th December 2019

6H 13th December 2019

5A 7th February 2020

3K 14th February 2020

4M 13th March 2020

5EW 27th March 2020
4C 1st April 2020

3T 2nd April 2020

1B 11th June 2020

1W 18th June 2020

2ES 26th June 2020

2D 10th July 2020

These events, along with many others, are now on our school calendar. To keep organised, we suggest getting school events automatically through to your phone or tablet by clicking here


You may also wish to download ‘TheSchoolApp’ and go to ‘home’ for the calendar and further school information.

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