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Hello everyone,


Thank you for coming to check my online classroom out! Here you will find assemblies and learning activities designed to include all subjects, with enough choice to suit the learning needs for children of all ages. In these currently very uncertain times, we are looking to provide parents with engaging learning activities rather than a watered-down version of what would have been planned for the class without input from the class teacher. I believe this is more beneficial for children, easier for parents to 'sell' and also manages the well-being of our staff team.


I will add more and more as time goes on, so please check back soon and scroll to the end of the page to let me know how you (or your children) are getting on! I would love to know.


Mr Penn




Assembly Monday 6th July

September, A Calming Influence and Certificates for Jan and Joe

Assembly Friday 3rd July

Your journey, Bea's Letter and Certificates for Leo and Sahana

Assembly Thursday 2nd July

Mrs Wright is back with a special friend, a dance challenge and certificates for Roxy and Summer.

Assembly Part II

Assembly Wednesday 1st July

Cereals, Your Subconscious and Certificates for Jacob and Darsh

Picture 1

Assembly Tuesday 30th June

Belonging to The World, Spinning the Globe, and Certificates for Maisie and our Times-Table Rock Stars

Assembly Monday 29th June

Similarities and Differences, Butterfly Competition Result, and Certificates for Isaac and Clara-May

Assembly Friday 26th June

Changing 'habitats', Butterflies and Certificates for Jamie and Luke

Assembly 25th June

Mrs Wright, Maps and certificates for Natalia and Billy.

Oh, the Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss | Subtitled

Based on Dr. Seuss's last book.

Assembly - 24th June

Top Trumps, Miss Urquhart Part II and Certificates for William, Aran and Emily

Send your new teacher a message

Have you got something you want to ask? Or maybe you just want to say 'hello'? Ask anything you like by filling in the comments box below. Check with whoever is looking after you for which email address you should use. :-)

Assembly 23rd June... thank you for waiting patiently!

New classes, new people, and certificates for Dylan, Fabian, Evie and Tobias!

Assembly - Monday 22nd June

Prince of Egypt, moving on, and certificates for Stanley and Beatrice

Assembly Friday 19th June

Kindness, Goodbye to Mrs Morris, and Certificates for lots of super children!

The Prince of Egypt (1998) - When You Believe - 1080p

HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED This is a scene from the 1998 DreamWorks film "The Prince of Egypt" in which Moses' people break free from the chains of their slavery...

Assembly Thursday 18th June

Explosions, The Wider World, and Certificates for Julia and Finley

Assembly Part 2 - Monday 22nd June

Coming back to school

Are you confused about coming back to school? Are you worried things might be different? We will do everything we can to get things back to normal as quickly as we possibly can, but want to know what you are thinking so we can help set your mind at rest. If you’re a child with questions, this is the place to ask away... (Please make sure you have permission before sharing information with us)

Assembly - Wednesday 17th June

Frustration, Guess the Tune and Certificates for Manroop (5EW) Lucas (3K) and Jessica from 4C

Assembly - Tuesday June 16th

Matilda, knots and Certificates for T-Jay and Lilly-May

Assembly Monday 15th June

Problems, spaghetti, and Certificates for Megan and Leyla

Assembly Friday 12th June

Kindness, Badger Arrives, and Certificates for Michael and Holly

Assembly Thursday 11th June

I Got Rhythm (again!), Your Illustrations and Certificates for Ewelina and Evie M

Assembly Wednesday 10th June

Fantastic Mr Fox, Your prized possessions and Certificates for Lottie and Nathan

Assembly Tuesday 9th June

Shackleton's Lifeboat Journey, Your prized possessions and Certificates for Lola and Amaya

Welcome to the first of our daily assemblies for the next few weeks! It's great to see you all come and visit and I hope lots of you will send me your pictures and videos today. If you have any questions I'd be really happy to try and answer some of those too :-) We have some Reception and Year 6 children in today for the first time since March. I know there will be some very excited people around school.


Just in case you have been wondering, My office at home is replacing my office at school on account of my diabetes, which is one of the things that they recommend people take great care with at the moment! I am hopeful to be back in school as soon possible but in the meantime I hope my assemblies will keep us in touch. I hope you enjoy today's first attempt... 

Assembly 8th June

Shackleton's Journey, A Letter of Application and a Certificate for Joel!






D&T - Mrs Barnes... the Crafty Fox... and other bookmarks!

Do you see what I did there?






Art - Animation - in its simplest form :-)






Computing - Virtual Spaces


Firstly, so often video games get a bad press, but ultimately it keeps little ones entertained, so there’s a balance to be had! This article might make you feel better about letting them explore those virtual spaces at a time when actual spaces are less accessible. Have a read of this ThinkUKnow article


Secondly, do your children find FaceTiming family members tricky? Maybe they don’t have much stamina for it? This app might change that and give parents some extra moments of calm. The trial is free for the first 3 calls and subscriptions are extended at this tricky time. The app is called ‘Together’ and allows you to play board games, read books, draw and do all sorts of fun things while FaceTiming others. Hours of entertainment and chat if you have little ones that can’t keep a conversation going for long.









D&T - Mrs Barnes' Crafty Ideas 5

Make your own pencil spinner!





PSHE - Monsters and Humans

PSHE - Monsters and Humans 1

Look at all the monsters on the poster. Which do you think is most like you? Why?
What can you tell about the monsters by looking at them?
Which monsters have things that are the same as each other?
Can you choose 3 monsters and talk about all the things that are different from each other? How can you tell which is the kindest monster? How do you know if someone is kind?
Each of the monsters finds something really difficult... can you tell what each monster finds tricky? How could you find out? What might they need to help them with the thing they find hard?
Draw yourself as a monster – what colours are you going to choose and how can you show your qualities on the drawing – things you value about yourself?
Do you know someone who finds something tricky? How do you help them? How could we help them more? What do they need?
What do you need to help you with hard things? Can you write about it or draw it?






Miss Green’s Fun Stuff

Still image for this video






D&T - Mrs Barnes' Frog and Fly Game

Number 4 in Mrs Barnes' weekly craft activities :-)





History - VE Day Competition

History - VE Day Competition 1






HISTORY - Recording for the future


To our local community,


We are writing to ask you to tell all of your family, friends, relations and neighbours in our local community to join us in creating the TJ 2020 Time Capsule.


At this unique time in all of our lives it seems appropriate that as one of the establishments remaining open we help bring the Clopton community together to encapsulate these historic weeks for generations to come.


Beginning on Monday, we are inviting you, along with anyone you know, whether you have a connection to Thomas Jolyffe or not, young or old, to contribute to our time capsule. You can send details about who you are, what you do, what is happening at the moment or anything that takes your fancy really... photos, videos, pictures, newspaper articles, certificates etc. The only requirement is that you include some sort of explanation to help people in the future understand what they are looking at.


Once complete, it will be located in the grassy mound at the front of school in Corinne’s Meadow and marked with a plaque, designed by one of our children around the theme of rainbows. We will place our capsule in the ground only once all children and staff are allowed to return to school together.


To register interest or email copies of your entries, please send directly to Mr Penn at (or if sharing details with the wider community, please use the email address If you do wish to include any original letters or documents, please hold onto them until schools have returned. We will contact you to ensure you will not miss the deadline. If you send videos, we will save these to a number of digital devices to try and help the technological people in the future!


We are hopeful that this will provide a positive focus for people around our school at this increasingly challenging time. Please do spread the word and help us begin the process of consigning these weeks to history!


With very best wishes,


Mr Penn and all the staff at Thomas Jolyffe Primary








It's going to be rainy outside... crying so how about some indoor fun while turning the place upside down? Surely no-one will mind? You've been as good as gold for the last five weeks after all...


At Mr Penn's house we will be den building in the living room on Tuesday and posting pictures of our progress here for you to see below. Can you make a better one?! Send me some photos of your dens in action too!






SCIENCE PLAY - Three rainy day activities from Miss Green!

SCIENCE PLAY - Three rainy day activities from Miss Green! 1
SCIENCE PLAY - Three rainy day activities from Miss Green! 2
SCIENCE PLAY - Three rainy day activities from Miss Green! 3






The clever people at the Roald Dahl site have created the most fabulous collection of indoor activities at the link below, especially for home learning. Have a go at drawing Matilda, or even Willy Wonka along with Quentin Blake! There's some great videos too. 


It's known around school that Mrs Dunnico and I don't necessarily agree on the great Roald Dahl, but I'll leave that story for another day...





SCIENCE - Growing Vegetables


At risk of everyone thinking I have completely lost the plot, Mrs Reid WhatsApped me yesterday to say she had been having great fun regrowing her vegetable scraps!


This site tells you how to go about it with only the very tiniest bits and bobs harvested from the pieces you would normally put in your food waste. You can tell Mrs Reid was excited about it because she even sent me photos of the ones she had tried...



I thought they were really interesting! 


So... why don't you see what you've got around and try it out? If you manage to get some really good veggies, why not start a vegetable-based conversation with Mrs Reid using the contact box below. :-) I know she can't wait to hear from you!


Talk VEG with Mrs Reid

Have you grown your own veg from scraps? Have you found it interesting? Is the strain of lockdown beginning to show? Send Mrs Reid a message...








The link to the website above takes you on a great virtual tour of No.10 Downing Street, where decisions about the United Kingdom have been made for nearly 300 years! This building is full of history and has seen many big decisions and dramas unfold over that time.


Take a look around and see how many clues to the past you can spot. Look high and low and see if you can work out what might happen in each of the rooms. It's looking very tidy isn't it? I bet your house looks very tidy at the moment too...! Which is your favourite room? Have a look at The Cabinet Room. Can you see what is special about the Prime Minister's chair compared to everyone else's?  


Why not make your own version of the virtual tour by filming one of your own house in the same style? It'll certainly be fun to look back on in years to come as things change, people grow up and you are reminded of how things used to be. Have some fun with it :-)






D&T Mrs Barnes' Mouse

Mrs Barnes' Crafty Mouse






PE - TJ Zumba II - The Return!

Enjoy some Easter fitness with Miss Thomas and Mrs South.





D&T - Mrs Barnes' Bunny

An Easter wobble-headed bunny craft by Mrs Barnes... EXCLUSIVE to Mr Penn's Online Classroom! (Thank you Mrs Barnes :-)







English - Reading


We all know that children will need a lot of entertaining and stimulation over the coming weeks, so the Stratford Literary Festival has set up a page of videos of authors reading from their books and illustrators doing draw-alongs - with the intention of giving children something to do whilst still encouraging a love of books and stories.

The page is FREE TO VIEW and the festival will be adding to it as they go along. We hope you enjoy some of the finest authors around at the moment and look forward to the Literary Festival returning next year in full force once again!
Please click here to visit the festival link:








Computing - Online Safety


In the current climate, being aware of online safety is more important than ever. The following resources are recommended by the DfE and I heartily recommend them to you to help your children grow up as responsible online citizens.


  • Thinkyouknow (advice from the National Crime Agency to stay safe online)
  • Internet matters (support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online)
  • Parent info (support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online)
  • LGfL (support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online)
  • Net-aware (support for parents and carers from the NSPCC)





TJ Zumba

feat. Miss Thomas and Mrs South, this will keep all the TJ Zumba fans happy with nearly 30 (THIRTY!) minutes of energetic action! Thanks to both for a serious effort in putting this together!






Music - I Got Rhythm

After immersing you in Rhapsody in Blue last week, we have another George Gershwin classic called - I Got Rhythm. Have a watch of the video where you can hear the tune played clearly. Then, look to the second video below and watch this AMAZING Piano quartet play their version. How many times can you hear the tune played in lots of different ways?






D&T - Mrs Barnes' Crafty Challenge

Mrs Barnes is known for her skill at arts and crafts - many of you will have seen some of her items at events like the Christmas Fayre and the TJ cushions she did for the entrance to school :-) Now you can create like her by following the instructions on this video. The Mr Penn Online Classroom channel has managed to snap up Mrs Barnes as an EXCLUSIVE! Enjoy being creative...





Art - Banksy

Everyone loves Banksy - but how much do you know about this mysterious artist? Use the link above to find out all about him and then be a part of our first Digital Art Exhibition by creating your OWN Banksy using the Street Art section of Tate Kids - here


You could also give it a REAL go if you have permission from home, maybe using chalk outside or other materials from around the house? Remember - GET PERMISSION FIRST BEFORE DRAWING ON THE WALLS!


When you have created your Banksy artwork, send it to me at and I will let you know when we have enough for the exhibition - and where to find it...


Good luck and enjoy!





Hunt the 8 class teachers in this photo. Who are they? Swipe for answers...





Which words would you choose to fill the gaps in this text to Mr Drummond? Can you rewrite this in your neatest handwriting and plug the gaps with something clever or funny? NO sensible texts allowed!

The best four entries will be tweeted after 24 hours and we will see what Mr Drummond has to say in response wink


Good luck everyone - enjoy this one parents... why don't you get creative too? I'm sure you can think of lots of words to go in those gaps...


Picture 1 What would you fill the gaps with in your message?
Picture 2 Can you beat this effort by Rylee?






More than ever at the moment, we need to be aware of staying safe online and managing the risks that are out there. has been a leading resource for this for years and is worth visiting simply to browse as a parent. 

They have also prepared these 15 minute activities that parents can do with their children. I hope you find them useful.


Activities for 4 and 5 year-olds

Activities for 5, 6 and 7 year-olds

Activities for 8, 9 and 10 year-olds
Activities for 11, 12 and 13 year-olds











Have you been to the Natural History Museum in London?

Take a virtual school trip around the incredible building with its exhibits and make a list of which unusual creatures you can find. There are lots of nooks and crannies to search in...


There are loads of online exhibitions too. Available on laptop/desktop by clicking on the street-view man, or via iOS and Android apps too.










With all of us stuck at home and food being a little more scarce I decided to help out a little and host a couple of live cookalongs each week. It’ll be simple store cupboard type meals that the kids can get involved in – I figure if mine are going to make a mess; I may aswell invite your kids to make a mess as well! 🙂 The ultimate goal? Keep the kids busy for an hour, everyone eats dinner, maybe learns a thing or two and the mess isn’t too bad. I feel confident on the first couple of goals.

Each week I’ll post the ingredients you need and equipment (pots, pans, etc.) just so you can be prepared for when we all start cooking together!


Feel free to send me a message with any questions or advice if you want to swap ingredients.


We’re in this together!

Theo x


Watch on Instagram – @theocooks

Watch on Youtube – cookwiththeo

find this weeks ingredients and all the other info here:










Anyone of any age will like this - it's dead simple, you only need a cup and some concentration. I would really love to see some clips but please only post if you're happy for them to go on Twitter!


FYI the music was all borrowed from a CD on Mr Crocker's desk.

Mr Penn's Rhythmical Cup Speed Challenge!





It's a bit like Apollo 13, trying to work out what resources people might have at home - but I reckon you might have these. KS1 (and KS2 if you've not done it before) try this experiment out...


For our very best scientists, this fabulous game by the Science Museum tests your science knowledge in a wonderful game. Try the 'Create and Share' version first and then choose the 'empty' level. Using the different types of blocks and electrical controls you need to guide the ball into the goal. Careful if there are adults around...they might get hooked on this too. Explore explore explore...


I hope you are all alright. We are missing your smiles in the corridors.


Mr Penn







dear mr penn 


how can I tell you this.    someone said that you were silly and not very clever. i think Thats a bit sad


In fact      and this is a secret     mr Crocker says hes clevererer than you to. I know it becoz he was tellin all the other teachers in the staff room last week


mrs Right told him off and said weur all good at diffrunt things and Mr Pen is good at playing the piano. Mrs Hipkins nodded and then laughed a bit         Hes good at eating biscuits Too she said.

ohhhhh... its no USE. I can’t write well enuff yet


the trubble is that I find it Really trikky to write well and mr Pen wont believe me if I make all these mistakes. please can YOU help mee and write this again so that he will think I am a super brain Box even though I am a Manchester united fan      I need to tell him Mr Crocker has been naughty. He will be back to check his page tomorrow so HURRY


Year 1 can you check my capital letters and full stops

Year 2 and 3 can you check some spellings too...

Year 4 can you check my other punctuation as well

Year 5 and 6 can you improve my words and make me sound more grown up?


Sign your letter from ‘Mr Drummond’ and email a photo to

See if you get a reply!!! 

Don’t tell him I was here...


Mr Drummond






This 30-day trial offer is not to be missed! Reading eggs is a great web-based learning tool for kids from 2-13. In fact, it is used widely in schools and is hugely interactive in its methods to develop children’s reading. I would not recommend any old trial-offer, but this is definitely worth it!







This National Poetry Day Live Lesson for KS2 pupils explores the theme of 'change' and includes reading, performance and critical analysis of similes and metaphors. The programme, presented by CBBC Katie Thistleton, was first streamed live to schools on National Poetry Day in October 2018, and features award-winning performance poet, author and National Poetry Day ambassador Joseph Coelho and a special guest appearance from poet and author Tony Walsh.





PE - Rock Around the Clock

If you're not getting enough exercise - try this out! It's even split into groups so you can take on different roles if you want. If you do end up doing it once be warned that it may not be the last time... it's quite catchy!







Postcard to your pals? Postcard to Mrs Dunnico? Postcard to anyone you haven't seen in a while?


What better opportunity than now to brighten someone's day and send a postcard showing off your very best handwriting, cleverest vocabulary and perfect punctuation! A great activity for children and parents to do together. 


If you don't have a postcard at home, why not make one from some recycled card, redecorate and write a message letting them know how you are getting on. The school address is:


Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Clopton Road

Stratford upon Avon


CV37 6TE


I am sure that your friends, Mrs Dunnico, or any other member of staff in school would love to hear how you are :-)








Matisse - The Snail


Take a look at The Tate website page for Henri Matisse's 'Snail' -


This leads on to a number of other links associated with Matisse, including how to create a collage in the style of The Snail. You may want to discuss why children think it is called 'The Snail...?   What colours, shapes and patterns does Matisse create?







There are some great coding opportunities out there to help promote children’s logical thinking and coding skills. (and this might keep them amused for a while too...!)


Ideally, downloading the free app ‘Bee-bot’ would be your first step. A step by step approach ranging from dead easy for preschoolers to pretty challenging for most adults. Have a look here


If you get hooked, there’s another great app called ‘Coding Safari’ but this will cost £1.99. I’m only suggesting this because my daughter loves it and I think it’s really well presented.


If you don’t want to download anything at all, there’s a web-based version of Bee-Bot here

The app is better but there’s lots of mileage in this too if you can be creative and make up your own games with your own children.





MUSIC - Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue

You might remember my assembly where I shared my favourite piece of music of all time. It doesn’t really fit in any particular style and there’s no other piece I know that exists which sounds anything like it. It’s unique. Enjoy this amazing video of it performed live. (There may be adverts before and during the video)





This site is a great practice area that anyone can go to without logging in. They choose their times-table, learn it through a variety of gradual steps and test themselves with games to finish.


My favourite tricky times-tables are:

7x8 = 56 (think of the numbers in order 5,6,7,8)

9x6 = 54 (For no other reason than I just hated this one when I was a child)

All of the 9 times-table using the finger method








A library of digital books for the TJ age range is here

For example: If your child is in Year 1, use the MY CLASS LOGIN button to enter ‘tjy1’ as both the username and password. This will give you access to a wide variety of ebooks on all sorts of themes. There are some audiobooks too. Other year group usernames and passwords are:


Year 2 is tjy2

Year 3 is tjy3

Year 4 is tjy4

Year 5 is tjy5


If your child is in Reception or Year 6, please use the Year 1 or 5 logins instead. The library of books will be the same regardless of who you log in as. 




Learn your world continents here and when you’re an expert at those, see if you can nail the oceans too...








At Thomas Jolyffe we have a subscription to - a great resource for learning all of the maths needed from Year 1 right up to Year 6 and beyond.


there are two stages of logging on. Firstly, use the username: thomas8 and the password: compass31 from the LOGIN page. At this stage you will then be able to access everything, but using your MYPORTAL code at the second login stage will ensure that you keep a record of the maths that you have done and your scores.


On the left hand side, you’ll see the units listed NUMBER, MEASUREMENT, GEOMETRY, STATISTICS. Choosing one of these will bring up a second menu to the right, where different concepts within that mathematical unit are listed. They are in year group order to help you.


Choose any of these to help with your maths and after completing the ‘lesson’ portion of each, try the ‘online homework’ to test out your knowledge and skills. If you would like to tailor your maths more specifically, take a look at the maths key performance indicators on our assessment page...






While schools are shut there are hundreds of children’s books available to listen to and enjoy here at Audible. No account is required and you can listen on any device. This is a soothing, calming thing to do and I heartily recommend it.






How are you getting on? Any problems?

It would be great to know how you're getting on with some of these ideas and activities...

‘Children are captivated by their learning’, ‘The well-being of pupils is at the heart of the school’, ‘School is a calm place - pupils are polite, courteous and well-mannered’