Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School


Today you need to name your theme park, plan and design the first draft and create a budget for your theme park. There are four main rules: 

  • Your park should have three distinct areas
  • Each square on the map (First draft plan sheet) represents 50m2. Different rides, amenities and attractions take up different areas (but all need a perimeter around them for health and safety reasons)
  • There legally must be certain amenities within the theme park. 
  • Every area not filled must be paved (at a cost of £500 for every 50m2)


Use the PowerPoint to look at the costs and build areas needed for the potential rides, amenities and attractions that you can choose to build in your park. Also have a look at the 'budget' slides, you need to leave at least £1 million of your £5 million loan to cover advertising and marketing costs. 


At the end of today you should: 

  • Have a name for your theme park
  • Have a main target market
  • Have areas to your park
  • Know how much your build costs will be
  • KNow where you have placed the essential amenities such as toilet blocks and the first aid block
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