Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School


Monday 6th July

Welcome back to the penultimate week of virtual home schooling!


It was lovely catching up with you last week. The weather is meant to pick up this weekend, so do get outside into the fresh air.  


Congratulations to 5EW for winning the TT Rockstars tournament this week!  

 English Monday 6th July

Welcome children to the week’s work. As we live in Stratford upon Avon, it is important that we study a bit of Shakespeare. So, over the next 2 weeks you are going to enjoy learning about a play called ‘A Midummer Night’s Dream’.

Each day you will watch a part of the play and then you will have an activity (or activities) to complete. You can do 1 or 2 activities; it is up to you! I hope you enjoy it; it is such a fun play!


Activity 1: Watch the clip and complete the sheet by copying it in your book.


Prediction: What kind of story is this going to be? What type of characters

will we meet? What might happen next?

Link making: Does it remind you of anything else you have seen or


Clarification: Is there any part of it that you didn’t understand? Was any

of the vocabulary confusing?

Questioning: What will the themes of the story be? (Love, magic…



Activity 2:

Getting to know the characters in the play. Looking at the activity sheet, match their names to their illustrations so you know everyone (you don’t need to print the sheet, you can do this in your head). Then then arrange the characters into pairs / groups according to their different relationships - eg:

  • which characters live at court / which characters live in the town / the wood?
  • who is in love with who?
  • who wants Lysander and Hermia to be together?
  • who wants Demetrius and Hermia to be together?

You can write the pairs in your book, telling us what you know about each pair. 



Read the original Shakespearean version of Theseus’ speech:


What say you, Hermia? be advised fair maid:

To you your father should be as a god;

One that composed your beauties, and one

To whom you are but as a form in wax

By him imprinted and within his power

To leave the figure or disfigure it.


Summarise the speech. What is he really saying and do you agree with it?




Monday 6th July: Maths

Starter: Can you find the next numbers in the sequence?

In this lesson you will be using an interactive ruler to test your measuring skills.  You will also learn how to convert between cm and mm.  Go to Mymaths, measurement, measurement, Y5 measuring lengths. We have also set the online home learning for you to try.

Anyone wanting anymore resources?  Try logging onto BBC Bitesize.  Here you will find lots of resources for every subject.

The website below is for the Government Oak National Academy, which also has lots of resources and lessons for different subjects.

Remember to keep reading and quizzing using Bug Club.  If you want to quiz on an Accelerated Reading, use the link to log on.

 If you can’t remember your log on for either Bug Club or AR, then email your class teacher.

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