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Miss T's English Introduction!

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English – Monday 6th July 2020

Welcome to your first lesson of week 13! Today, we are going to dedicate the lesson to your current home schooling teachers. They have all been working extremely hard to support your learning and keep you all engaged for the last 13 weeks so I think it’s only right that we thank them! Your activity for today is to create something to say thank you, it could be a card, a poem or a speech. Whatever you think would be most appropriate and appreciated! We would love to see your creations and share them on Twitter so please do send them to us!

Maths – Monday 6th July 2020

A dictionary of Geometry.


Over the next two days your task is to combine what you already know about Geometry with some research.

What you need to do is imagine that you are producing a guide to the different types of 2-D shapes, lines and angles for the Year 3 children next year.

Remember dictionaries are put in alphabetical order so that you will have to use some of your English skills too.

What I am looking for is clearly written explanations of what each term means with a clear drawing to illustrate it. Remember it is important to use a ruler when drawing. Try to write the definitions in your own words rather than copying them off a website. Make the dictionary as colourful and interesting as you can.

Here is an online maths dictionary that may help you (it needs flash):

There are some words on this document that you could include in your dictionary. Do not include 3-D shapes now as you can add those later.

Terms to put in your dictionary.

Today's Puzzle - Which one doesn't belong and why? Can you think of a reason why each may not belong in the set?

‘Children are captivated by their learning’, ‘The well-being of pupils is at the heart of the school’, ‘School is a calm place - pupils are polite, courteous and well-mannered’