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Miss T's English Introduction!

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English – Monday 29th June 2020

Welcome to your first lesson of week 12! Today, we are going to read the next chapter of Matilda called ‘Bruce Bogtrotter and the Cake', on the audiobook you will need to start at 1 hour, 46 minutes and 46 seconds and finish at 2 hour 2 minutes and 22 seconds. I have also attached a copy of the chapter below in a pdf.

In the chapter we experience Miss Trunchbull punishing Bruce for stealing by making him eat a whole chocolate cake in front of the school. For today’s task I would like you to imagine you are Miss Trunchbull, and you can choose any cake for Bruce to eat. Imagine what ingredients she would really like to put into the cake considering he stole a slice of her own personal chocolate cake. In tomorrow’s lesson, you will be writing a recipe for your cake so think about how you can make it different to a normal cake you would expect to find in a bakery. You could try drawing a picture of the cake that could go alongside your recipe tomorrow.  

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Roald Dahl | Matilda - Full audiobook with text (AudioEbook)

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Maths - Monday 29th June 2020

Understanding acute and obtuse angles


Today you will add to your understanding of angles. You already know about right angles. They are everywhere aren’t they? I hope that you found lots last week around the house.  You are now going to look at angles smaller than a right angle which are called acute angles and those which are larger than a right angle but smaller than a straight line. These are called obtuse angles.  You will need your angle measure that you made last week for this lesson. If you haven’t still got it make another one. The video that shows you how is in week 11 on Thursday. Please keep this angle measure for activities later in the week.




Video 1: Comparing different angles

Activity: Creating and finding different angles

Activity: See the example on the video.

You need to divide a rectangle up with straight lines to create different angles. Mark all the right angles with a square in one colour; all the obtuse angles in another colour and all the acute angles with a third colour. Check them using your angle measure. If you cannot remember how to use your angle measure to test for acute angles and obtuse angles watch Amber’s video again.

Testing for right, acute and obtuse angles

In this video, Amber reminds you how to use your angle measure to check your angles.

Which one doesn't belong and why? Can you think of reasons why each one may not belong in the set?

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