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Miss T's English Introduction!

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English – Monday 15th June 2020

Welcome to your first lesson of week 10, you are now experts of home learning! Today we are going to read the next chapter of Matilda using the audiobook below. The chapter starts at 42 minutes and 46 seconds and finishes on 52 minutes 42 seconds. Once you have finished the chapter, I would like you to imagine you are Matilda and you need to plan your next trick for your parents ready for when they next deserve it. You might want to find a prop from around the house to help give you some inspiration. Remember that the trick must not allow Matilda to be caught. You could write out your plan, draw an image of how the trick would work or you could create a video of the trick (as long as parents don’t mind and you don’t make a mess or ruin anything in the house)! Please let us know all of your amazing tricks, it would be lovely to share them all and see how creative you have been!

Parents – Please note that the video link may have adverts.

Roald Dahl | Matilda - Full audiobook with text (AudioEbook)

Roald Dahl Collection Playlist: Matilda's parents were horrible and called her the m...

Maths Monday 15th June 2020 – Reading 24-hour time


Today you will learn how to read digital time when it is displayed not as an am or pm time on the 12-hour clock, but when it is shown in 24-hour notation. This is used a lot for time tables so it’s important to know it if you ever want to catch a bus or a train.

Watch the Maths Mansion video first from the start to 3 minutes.

Doing Time

Watch the introduction to 24-hour time on here from the start to 3 minutes.

Monday maths with Mrs K

Mrs Karban helps you to understand 24-hour time in more detail.

Today's Puzzle - Which One Doesn't Belong and Why? Can you find a reason why each of them may not belong?

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