Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Monday 15th


Date: 15.03.21

L.O. To subtract using exchanging

Today you need to watch the White Rose Maths video. Pause it, as usual, to answer the questions when you are asked. Then complete the worksheets. 

Aut4.6.5 - Subtract two 4-digit numbers - one exchange


Monday 15th March 2021

LO: To answer questions on a text and deepen my understanding of a character


Today you are listening to part two of the story before doing the work:

Mrs Dunnico reading part two of I Was a Rat


Your tasks today are:

  • Answer the 4 questions, remembering to give a reason for your answer
  • Predict what might happen next in the story
  • Complete a 'role on the wall' for Roger. There is a sheet you can print out, or just draw your best gingerbread person. Think about everything you know about Roger including what he looks like, what he's done etc and write the words and phrases around the outside of the person. Then infer all of the emotions Roger may be feeling in the story so far, and put these words and phrases inside the person. 

Rat Research!



To support the work you are doing on 'I Was a Rat', we would like you to research some information about rats. You will then be able to compare what you find out with the evidence in the story that may prove that Roger was a rat (in English tomorrow).


Below are some websites that should be suitable for children, but make sure that your parents or carers check them as well first. If you search the internet for your own information, always put in 'for kids' or 'for children' as this well help you find suitable sites. Always search the internet with parental supervision.

After you have completed the research and made some notes complete a fact file (sheet attached if you want to use it, or you could do your own) on what you have found out.

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