Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School


Tuesday 9th March 2021


LO: To recognise 3D shapes


Today we are going on another shape hunt but, this time we are looking for 3D shapes! Complete the table below by looking around your houses for objects that match the different shapes. Keep a tally of how many you find and record the different objects you find...

3D Shapes Song

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Want some more maths? Why not create your own 3D shapes using these nets. Nets are 3D shapes laid out in a 2D pattern. You will need some scissors, glue and lots of perseverance for this task!

Wednesday 10th March 2020


LO: To count faces on 3D shapes


Today we are looking at faces! Shape faces. You will be able to recognise lot of the 2D shapes in the 3D shape faces, but can you count how many faces the different shapes have? Watch the video to find out some strategies to help.

Count the faces on 3D shapes

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Thursday 11th March 2020


LO: To count the edges on 3D shapes


Edges are where 2 faces meet. Today we will learn strategies to count the edges. Remember, when looking at 3D shapes on a sheet, there are edges on the back that we sometimes can't see...

Count edges on 3D shapes

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Friday 12th March 2021


LO: To count the vertices on 3D shapes


Today we are going to get hands-on to learn about the vertices on 3D shapes. It would be really useful if you have any of the following or similar:



Straws, pencils, pens, lollypop sticks or mechano



Play-doh, blu-tack, modelling clay or tape


In this investigation, you will be creating 'skeleton shapes' to demonstrate how many vertices the different shapes have. Take a look here:


If you would like to learn some other strategies for counting vertices, watch this video:

Count vertices on 3D shapes

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