Thomas Jolyffe Primary School

Thomas Jolyffe Primary School


Monday 1st March 2021


Today is an actvity day! Can you find 10 objects that have vertical line of symmetry? Remember, this means that the object will be a mirror image on both sides (left and right). Watch the video for some examples and then take pictures, draw the objects or list what you have found.



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Tuesday 2nd March 2021


LO: To recognise vertical lines of symmetry


Today we are introduced to lines of vertical symmetry. Can you work out which shapes are symmetrical? There are some mirrors int he the outdoor classroom to help with today's lesson - please help yourself!

Lines of symmetry

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Wednesday 3rd March 2021


LO: To complete a whole shape with a line of symmetry


In today's lesson we are given half of a symmetrical shape. It is then down to us to work out and draw the remiander of the shape so that it is symmetrical. Use a mirrior along the line of symmetry to help and/ or check your answers...

Lines of symmetry - draw the whole

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Thursday 4th March 2021


Use all of your knowledge about 2D shapes and choose one of the following investigations to complete... Have fun!

Want some World Book day themed maths? Try this code breaker:

Friday 5th March 2021


Today we are making origami! What does this have to do with maths? For the last 2 weeks we have been learning about 2D shapes and symmetry... well, Origami is the art of folding paper into 2D shapes to create some wonderful 3D models.


Have a go at following one of the videos below or choose one of your own. Don't forget to send a picture of completed models to your teacher. Enjoy!

Origami boat

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Origami Dog

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Origami butterfly

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